In on the Ground Floor: It’s My First Time Vol. 5


It’s My First Time Vol. 5 Movie Details

Title: It’s My First Time Vol. 5
Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment
Director: Joanna Angel
Stars: Joanna Angel, Lady Luna, Penny Poison, Rain Summers, Tank, Bill Bailey, Small Hands, Xander Corvus, Honey Gold
Overall Rating:

4.5 stars

It’s My First Time Vol. 5 sounds a lot more serious than it is, with some very ominous music to start things off, but once you get past that, it’s girly flirting with Joanna Angel doing fun interview segments and introducing the girls. You might have seen a couple of these girls in other Honey Gold is sleek, probably multiracial, and gorgeous, with an exhibitionist streak and much to be exhibitionist about. She mentions liking latex because it makes her feel like a sexy Cat Woman, and she looks a little like Halle Berry in the same role. She and Joanna make out, but Joanna leaves early to give Small Hands his time alone with Honey, who says she can be either submissive or dominant but leans toward the former here. She makes a lot of noise and clearly really enjoys Small Hands being in charge.

Penny Poison has blue hair, a strong carnie personality and likes her lovers to “own her pussy”. She’s a former burlesque star who used to eat glass in carnivals and let people staple money to her, which sets Joanna back a step. She’s not young, but she’s that kind of just-slightly-weathered sexy that’s independent of contrived MILFery. She demonstrates actual sword-swallowing as a prelude to swallowing Xander Corvus‘s cock, and then lets him fuck her big fake tits and wet pussy, taking a facial to finish up.

Not many girls look less like a tank than Tank, although she’s solid and curvy. She’s been a foot model up to now, but she’s visiting LA and ready to make the jump to hardcore. She hasn’t had sex in a while, so she’s ready for Bill Bailey. She likes rough sex, being slapped and choked and not in control, and he’s happy to oblige, using her as a tattooed fuck toy and fucking her hard before popping on her face.

Lady Luna, green-haired, busty and brash, used to masturbate to Chad Alva‘s porn, which makes it a special treat for her that Chad is her scene partner for the day. She says she’ll probably masturbate to this scene later, and you probably will too. Luna showed up in the recent Burning Angel production A Very Adult Wednesday Addams 2, but she’s a lot more invested in this one. She brags that once she gave a guy a hand job for a bag of Doritos, and when Joanna gives her a bag of tortilla chips, she’s off to the races. She uses them to scoop Chad’s jizz off her face.

Rain Summers is naturally busty, minimally tattooed, and the closest thing to a veteran we have here – Gamelink has a half-dozen of her movies – but we’re willing to take Joanna’s word that this is her debut. Rain gets to play with both Joanna and Small Hands, who double team her. Joanna really likes to sit by and masturbate while her husband fucks hot girls. Rain is definitely the least mature of all the girls in this movie, most of the time sounding like a high-school sophomore hanging out with the cool kids, but there’s something sexy about that too. Joanna and Rain share the load.

P. Weasels

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