OMG! I Fucked My Daughter’s BFF! 14: How Surprising Is It, Really, After 13 Times


OMG! I Fucked My Daughter’s BFF! 14 Movie Details

Title: OMG! I Fucked My Daughter’s BFF! 14
Studio: Devils Film
Stars: Cadey Mercury, Cassidy Banks, Penelope Reed, Tommy Gunn, Marcus London, Donnie Rock, Dick Chibbles, Jessie Lynne
Overall Rating:

3.75 stars

When you watch OMG! I Fucked My Daughter’s BFF! 14, will you be as surprised as the dads in this new just-one-step-removed-from-fauxcest-which-is-just-one-step-removed-from-actual-taboo effort from Jessie Lynne talks about how hot she finds Marcus London and how often she’s tried to seduce him as we watch him fend her off and flee her advances. She wears him down, of course, and after his initial reluctance, he’s all in. He’s all in her mouth, and all in her pussy, and she gets exactly what she wanted. She’s a bouncy little black-haired slut with enough tattoos that he should have known what was going to happen the second he let her into his house. The chances are good that his daughter is off fucking Jessie’s dad, but he can’t give that any thought because he’s too busy figuring out different positions to fuck Jessie in until he unloads all over her face.

Cadey Mercury is a pert little pixie with a short-cut fringe of black hair who loves fucking her best friend’s dad and isn’t really sorry. They’ve been fucking for a while, so we don’t get to see him resist her impish charms; instead, they’ve gotten to a place where she pretends to try to fend him off and he spanks her and takes what he wants anyway. She likes the power and the domination. She likes the cock, too, and he’s not unwilling to deal it out. She’s squealy and eager, and she loves getting fucked in every position and having him come on her pretty face.

Penelope Reed can’t stop thinking about her best friend’s dad, and she knows she shouldn’t, but just look at him. He’s so handsome. He tells her she can wait for Erin in the other room, but she jumps him instead, climbing aboard with no explanation and no resistance. His hands are kneading her ass cheeks before he knows what’s happening, and her desire to have his cock in her mouth is realized almost as soon as she mentions it. She’s a slurpy cocksucker, and wet enough that he slides right in when he decides he’d rather be in her pussy than her mouth. Like her contemporaries, she likes facials and eagerly takes his when he decides it’s time.

Multi-ethnic beauty Cassidy Banks really wants to fuck Tommy Gunn, but he’s not going for it. She has to chase him around the house, and he keeps getting away, but once she gets her own top off and gets one of his hands on her tits, he’s done for. Seriously, those 38Ds just take the starch right out of him, and he’s putty in her hands. Well, most of him. There is one stiff part left, and luckily it’s the one she wants in her mouth and pussy. Tommy knows what to do with a horny girl – once she lets him up – and he does it in doggy, spoon, missionary, and cowgirl, and then delivers a load on her face.

P. Weasels

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