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Darker Side of Desire Movie Details

Title: Darker Side of Desire
Studio: Sweet Sinner
Director: Jacky St. James
Stars: Cassidy Klein, Cherie DeVille, Gia Paige, Riley Nixon, James Deen, Michael Vegas, Mickey Mod, Tommy Pistol
Overall Rating:

3.75 stars

Jacky St. James and crew take a slightly different approach.

Thus we get Cassidy Klein as Natalie Ray, a girl involved in a pretty vanilla relationship with Bryce (Mickey Mod), getting straight sex but wanting much more, wanting to be mastered and dominated but unsure as to how such a dynamic might be implemented. Natalie and Bryce meet, have a sizzling fuck on their first date, and fall into a relationship that is passionate but not as intense as Natalie would like, owing to the lack of BDSM psycho-play. Natalie wants to be owned, not just loved.

By way of showing us what such a relationship would properly look like, Natalie has a dream in which Cherie DeVille as a nameless submissive and Tommy Pistol as a dom walk us through a kinky scene in a dungeon, employing a paddle, a flogger, a collar, and some other appurtenances to show how the sex goes when a man owns a woman and has access to the tools of pain and suffering but chooses to use them sparingly. There’s also some dialogue to make explicit the consensual nature of the action, along with the framework of trust and love. After the fetishy part of the scene is well established, the sex is pretty standard.

An evening of drinking games with friends Sydney and Robyn (Gia Paige and Riley Nixon) leads Natalie to a new understanding of possibilities, as Sydney tells an explicit story of an especially kinky first date back in her college days – Sydney meets Alex, a BDSM enthusiast, and gets spanked, paddled, bound and fucked. Bryce and Robyn are put off by what they see as insufficiently feminist activity, but Natalie understands that consent trumps ideology, and she gets some ideas about how to present her desires to Bryce, especially given how turned on Sydney’s story gets her.

When she brings her new attitude to Bryce, he understands, but has to take time to process the new information about his girlfriend, and there’s a hiatus in their relationship; meanwhile, Robyn’s contention that BDSM activities like bondage and spanking are inherently demeaning and thus antifeminist takes a hit when boyfriend Mike (Michael Vegas) says he’s perfectly okay with her putting some restraints on him and being dominant. It’s a nice twist, although they really don’t get very kinky about it; she cuffs his ankles for about the first five minutes of a pretty standard sex scene; they’re an attractive couple and the sex is hot, though, and even if it’s not the kinkiest scene in porn, it’s at least a nod to the femdom side of the coin.

At long last, Bryce gets in touch with Natalie to tell her he’s been thinking about the same things she has, and they meet at a dungeon to play out what they’ve both been wishing for; she gets blindfolded, cuffed, and spanked, but mostly fucked, since this is still dulce-de-leche.

P. Weasels

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