A Very Adult Wednesday Addams 2: Another Shot


A Very Adult Wednesday Addams 2 Movie Details

Title: A Very Adult Wednesday Addams 2
Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment
Director: Joanna Angel
Stars: Charlotte Sartre, Gina Valentina, Holly Hendrix, Katrina Jade, Lady Luna, Gage Sin, Small Hands, Tommy Pistol, Ramon Nomar
Overall Rating:

4.25 stars

Once again, with A Very Adult Wednesday Addams 2, Joanna Angel finds a way to make it okay to lust after a completely inappropriate fictional character. Yes, you were uncomfortable about your feelings vis-a-vis Christina Ricci, and well you should have been. But now, with very grownup stand-ins Charlotte Sartre, Gina Valentina, Holly Hendrix, Katrina Jade, and Lady Luna to take the heat of your forbidden desire, it’s okay. Let it fly. As it says on the boxcover, every day is Wednesday around here (if you want more Wednesday Addams but haven’t seen the first volume, there’s still time).

Katrina Jade‘s Wednesday engages Uber driver Tommy Pistol to give her a ride up her very long driveway, and then asks him to go above and beyond the call of duty, taking him inside to service her every whim. Her whims include a comprehensive pussy-eating, a face-fuck, a pounding in every position, a fist in her mouth, and a facial. Katrina doesn’t take it in the ass, but the scene is no less intense for the lack of anal.

Wednesday, as played by Gina Valentina, orders up a stripper in the person of Marcus Dupree, who shows up in a plastic fire helmet and hoofs it for a few seconds before being magically divested of his clothes. She’s the client, but he takes over pretty quickly, choking her with his cock for a moment but going almost straight to her pussy. Speaking of choking, he spends a lot of time with his hand on her throat, which she’s very vocal about enjoying. She doesn’t do anal, but does keep her fingers in her own asshole a lot before eventually taking a facial.

Holly Hendrix‘s Wednesday looks to have topped herself; when Small Hands arrives to declare his love, she’s on the couch with a cord around her neck, and he’s about to leave, but she was just napping. Reach your own conclusions, but Small Hands concludes rightly that she likes things around her neck, and it’s a rough twenty minutes for her. Fortunately, she likes it rough. She also likes it hard, fast and anal, and she likes being covered in cum – all part of the plan, fortunately.

Ramon Nomar seems like he’s a nice enough guy, but it’s a good thing he has a big dick, because his English is basically incomprehensible. Whatever is going on here is almost not worth trying to parse, but if you’re okay understanding that he’s Charlotte Sartre‘s new stepfather, you’ll get along fine in this scene, just like they do. Charlotte established herself in a previous Lady Luna, looking kind of un-Wednesday-ish with silver-purple hair and no bangs) gets caught digging around in Gage Sin‘s yard looking for some skulls she buried last season, she decides she’d be okay with having sex, as a replacement activity for taking care of her lost skulls. Sure, OK. Gage is okay with the idea too, and she magics them inside, where they get to grips immediately. I haven’t seen Lady Luna before, but I like her look, even if it’s not strictly Wednesday Addams. She’s got nice full natural tits with pierced nipples, and I’ll keep an eye out for her in the future. Gage covers her face in jizz.

P. Weasels

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