‘Forbidden Family Affairs Vol. 5’: Just Barely Forbidden

Forbidden Family Affairs Vol. 5 Movie Details

Title: Forbidden Family Affairs Vol. 5
Studio: Team Skeet
Stars: Alice March, Angel Smalls, Natalia Starr, Nina Elle, Sadie Pop
Overall Rating:

3.5 stars

Forbidden Family Affairs Vol. 5 is a middle-of-the-road production as far as family fantasy titles go – some moms, some dads, some sisters, some brothers, some aggressive, some creepy, some reluctant. Team Skeet puts less effort into setting the scene than some other producers of incest porn, preferring to employ reasonably talented actors and put more time into the fucking, so if you’re into this for the head games and psychoplay, you might have to squint a little. If you just like the fucking, though, settle in and lube up.

Angel Smalls is supposed to be waking her brother Cody up for Thanksgiving, but his morning wood is a big incentive to stay in bed. The two tease each other all through the day – he fingers her pussy in the kitchen, she jacks his cock at the dinner table – until they just have to sneak off and eat each other instead of the turkey. They’re gone from the table so long that their parents probably have time to do some fucking themselves, and after he pops on her pretty face and tiny tits, they hurry back.

When Ryan is doing the laundry, he starts thinking about how hot sis stepdaughter Alice March is, sniffing her panties and wrapping them around his cock, and he just can’t resist peeping at her while she sleeps. When she catches him licking her ass, though, he can’t really deny that he’s a total creepy bastard, which somehow makes her a little wet, and he cajoles her into showing him her pussy. He parlays that into a fuck with the sexy little slut, shows her how a daddy eats pussy, and fills her mouth with cum.

Sexy little Sadie Pop looks extra cute when she’s wet and soaped up in the shower, which is okay for us to think, but a little creepy for her brother to be enjoying as much as it seems like he is when she catches him with a hard cock under his towel. She’s never seen a cock that big, and she drops to her knees to suck it, lets him fuck her on the bathroom counter, and drops a fat load on her face.

When Nina Elle intercepts a message from her daughter thanking Daddy for coming to her room last night, she fumes but figures turnabout is fair play, so she goes looking for Cody, who doesn’t mind his video game being interrupted as long as it’s Nina’s tits in his face doing the interrupting. The sexy tattooed MILF rides his cock, sucks him off, and demands his cum on her face – and she films the whole thing so he can see her revenge!

Natalia Starr can’t find her earrings, and she has to bend over in pretty much every corner of the room when she’s looking for them, which drives her brother Peter crazy, and when he finds her on a dating app for one-night stands, he knows she’s the kind of slut that wouldn’t mind fucking her brother. Even though they’re in the same house, it takes the internet to get them together, but once that works out, they move quickly from sending nude pics to fucking on the couch. She likes having her ass slapped, he likes her big natural tits, and they both like his jizz on her face!

P. Weasels

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