All Access POV: Backstage and Back Door

All Access POV Movie Details

Title: All Access POV
Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment
Stars: Charlotte Sartre, Chloe Carter, Dahlia Sky, Mila, Gage Sin, Small Hands, Xander Corvus, Charlie Brookes, Elsa Jean
Overall Rating:

4 stars


POV titles have some advantages and disadvantages for me: among other things, I don’t really buy the immersion angle, that you’re supposed to watch the girl sucking a cock or riding it and imagine that it’s yours; I know what my cock looks like and that’s not it. On the other hand, POV gives you more eye contact per screen minute than any other kind of porn, and eye contact is always high-value. Fortunately (unless you’re a POV lover) most of the POV in All Access POV breaks down eventually, with the guys putting the cameras down somewhere to get a longer shot so are revealed to be either Gage Sin, Small Hands, or Xander Corvus. Trust Burning Angel to be cavalier with the tropes.


Your favorite roadie, Elsa Jean, is waiting in your trailer after the show, and she’s ready for your customary post-gig fuck, but with a surprise – she’s got your step sister Chloe Carter in there, and the two of them are already getting into it. It freaks you out a little, but they’re so hot and so slutty that you can’t help yourself. You’ve got one blonde, one brunette, and one cock, and they both want it. They’re eager cocksuckers and they both want to get fucked, and ultimately, you just don’t care that it’s your sister, because a facial is a facial.


As long as you’ve known Dahlia Sky, she’s been a good girl, not like the groupies lined up outside your trailer door; she wants you to know there’s another side to her, though – she can be just as dirty and just as much of a slut as any of those whores out there. She literally rips a hole in her fishnets to get your dick in her pussy, and that’s after she shows you how much of your cock she can take down her throat. And once she tells you she wants it in the ass, too, you can’t really have any doubt about her slutty sincerity. She even lets you switch back and forth between ass and pussy. You know better, but you do it anyway.


Charlotte Sartre, your drummer’s girlfriend, is wearing a pair of panties that says SLUT on the ass, and you wonder why she’s in your dressing room; it doesn’t occur to you that the two things may be related, but when she tells you that she wants your cock and undresses right here, the bro code goes out the window. What the hell – the world is full of drummers, right? So you let her get on her knees and start sucking, and after that – well, getting a blowjob from a girl is a slippery slope, and soon you’re in every other hole she has. Charlotte’s a filthy little slut, and she positively glows when she gets to jack off your spurting dick on her belly.


Aussie groupie Charlie Brookes has been stalking your fan page and she’s sneaked into your dressing room to sniff your underwear, which is kind of creepy, but you’ll put up with a lot from a girl who’s as cute as she is. You tell her she can have the skivvies you wore onstage if she can get them off you, and she proves that she’s very resourceful. She doesn’t strictly need to suck your cock to get the underwear, nor does she need to let you fuck her tits, or bend over so you can fuck her from behind, or let you choke her while you’re pounding her, but she does all those things, and she finishes up by letting you cum on her tits.

P. Weasels

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