Family Meeting: Hands-On Family Management


Family Meeting Movie Details

Title: Family Meeting
Studio: Fantasy Massage
Director: Barrett Blade
Stars: Alyssa Lynn, Cadence Lux, Holly Heart, Sydney Cole, Eric Masterson, Rob Carpenter, Robby Echo, Ryan McLane, Tony Martinez
Overall Rating:

3.25 stars


There’s not too much to say about Family Meeting that you wouldn’t say about any other Eric Masterson has brought his son Rob Carpenter to the whorehouse to make him a man. Well, not to make him a man, but to have blonde Holly Heart do it. Holly is pretty heavy-handed for a masseuse, telling Rob while he rubs his ass that she’s very hands-on, and that she’s committed to making sure the client is satisfied in every way, wink, wink, and that lots of the body’s systems need regular draining, and then she abandons innuendo entirely and asks him if he wants a cock massage. He definitely does. She massages it with her hands, her mouth, and her pussy, and takes a facial.


When Alyssa Lynn catches Robby Echo whacking it, she laughs and says it’s natural, but when she finds out he’s got a pair of her panties wrapped around his cock, she’s a little skeptical about his motivations. You’d do the same, though, if you saw a busty blonde walking around the house with her tits out like that, mom or not. She’s not so skeptical about his motivations that she says no to a massage from the guy she just caught jacking it to her pictures, but maybe she should have been, because of course he starts jacking off to her naked skin. It’s a short step from there to fucking mom. She’s craving dick because dad’s been away so much, and she makes short work of him.


When Cadence Lux comes to her boyfriend’s brother for workout advice, she doesn’t count on pulling a muscle in the stretching phase. It gives Ryan McLane a chance to get his hands on her, and once he has the slight blonde on the bed, massage turns into a little flirtiness, and when she’s got her clothes off so he can get to her ass muscles, he finds out that she’s really there because his brother is cheating on her, and she wants to get a little of her own back. Cadence doesn’t mind his wandering hands at all – she’s actually interested in some wandering cock. Ryan knows how to work more than just her muscles – he gets her off with hands and dick, and her revenge is complete when she kneels for a facial.


Holly Heart appears again, this time as a brunette stepmom with an apron who says she’s been slaving in the kitchen for Tony Martinez‘s friends, who are coming over tonight, and she wants a break to watch some TV. He’s not happy about giving up the game, but she’s the mom, and the least he can do is be nice. Her feet do hurt, after all, and so does her back, so he works that too. She’s a little shocked when he gets her bra unhooked, but not as shocked as she is when she finds out he’s stroking his cock. She gets over the shock, though as we knew she would – he pulls the old blue balls gambit, and she goes for it, as well as for a good fucking and a load of jizz on the face.


Eric Masterson gets recycled too, this time as a masseur whose little sister Sydney Cole, a pretty little brunette with an athletic body, shows up at work to let him know that she’s getting cold feet about her wedding. What would relax her? Well, a nice massage would do the trick. He doesn’t really have a nice massage in stock, but he does have a naughty one. He pretends it’s an accident when his finger ends up between her pussy lips, but it’s a lot harder to find an excuse for when his cock ends up there. It ends up in a lot of places, and by the time he’s done and he’s popped on her ass, her cold feet issues are the least of their worries.

P. Weasels

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