Interracial & Anal 3: Don’t Try This at Home

Interracial & Anal 3 Movie Details

Title: Interracial & Anal 3
Studio: Blacked
Director: Greg Lansky
Stars: Adriana Chechik, Kate England, Megan Rain, Riley Reid, Joss Lescaf, Flash Brown
Overall Rating:

0 stars


As usual, Riley Reid, studying with her best friend Janet and lusting over Janet’s dad. To Blacked’s credit, they actually invested in an extra to play Janet, who disappears from the study session early on, leaving Riley alone with Joss Lescaf. Riley does what girls do with their best friend’s father, coming upstairs and interrupting a phone call to seduce Joss, who does not protest at all that she’s his daughter’s best friend. Hilariously, Riley says in her sexiest voice “I can feel your boner against my leg!”; you just don’t hear the word boner very often any more. Also hilariously, Joss Lescaf looks to be the same height as Riley, 5’3″. I’m not saying this scene isn’t sexy, because it is, but it’s got some unintentional humor, too. Riley deals out a very sloppy blowjob, after which Riley begs for his cock in her pussy and ends up getting it in her ass. Her simultaneous distress and joy at the size of the dick in her rear is pretty convincing.


Megan Rain‘s fucking the star player Jason when she’s supposed to be tutoring him, and Coach Flash Brown feels like she’s a distraction, so he comes over to rape her. I mean, he shows up at her house, finds out her parents aren’t home, comes in and threatens her with a bad recommendation if she doesn’t show him what she’s got, and tells her that Jason mentioned that she’s a good little slut; she says no, she can’t, that he’s being inappropriate, and he starts touching her, which is pretty much rape by most reasonable definitions, but it’s porn, so she likes it. It’s up to you to decide whether you do or not. He violates her throat, her pussy, her ass, and her human rights, not necessarily in that order, and then delivers a facial.


Kate England‘s bragging on the phone about her new man and telling her BFF that she’ll give all the details soon – talking about it gets her wet, and she just has to play with her pussy, and when Flash Brown shows up she tells him that next time they might just be having a threesome; we are not told whether she knows she’s dating a high school coach who abuses his authority and position for sexual gratification, and he doesn’t mention it, saying instead “Suck Daddy dick!” Kate does, getting on her knees to choke on it. She never gets all of it in her mouth, but she does try her best, and once Flash has her floppy and wrung-out from fucking her pussy, he tells her he’s about to fuck her ass, doesn’t listen when she says she doesn’t think she can take it, and pounds her anyway. Turns out she was wrong, but she didn’t really have a choice. Luckily, she likes it.


Adriana Chechik wakes up at her boyfriend’s house to find him gone, so she goes out to the kitchen in just panties and a tight shirt to make some coffee, only to meet – guess who – Flash Brown, who isn’t too tired from his busy schedule of fucking white girls to fuck another white girl. He has no compunctions about coercing his roommate’s girlfriend into sex in the kitchen, no matter how often she tries to get away; he literally will not take no for an answer, and grabs her and bends her over the counter, only to find that, luckily, she likes when a man takes control. We can only suppose he has a prior arrangement with his roommate. Either that, or he’s just a serial rapist with no impulse control, and Blacked is too classy for that. He’s nice enough to go down on her before he starts fucking her holes, and she appreciates the consideration, because she stops saying no. She doesn’t manage to get any more of him in her mouth than anyone else did, but her ass and pussy are just as welcoming as the rest of the community, and she too gets the traditional facial.

P. Weasels

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