Party in America: The Hero’s Journey

Party in America Movie Details

Title: Party in America
Studio: Fantasy Massage
Director: Barrett Blade
Stars: Sinnamon Love, Chanell Heart, Lea Lexis, Skyler Nicole, Sophia Leone, Marcus London, Tyler Knight, Chris Cock, Amirah Adara, Lea Lexis
Overall Rating:

3 stars


Party in America looks like it might have been filmed at the Los Angeles Zoo. It departs from the usual formula of “inexperienced awkward horny guy goes to an undercover massage parlor in a Southern California strip mall” to explore unknown territory, casting the Nuru massage experience as a thing one might find in the highlands of Africa. There are zebras? and a quest. If you liked “Coming to America” but thought it needed less plot and Eddie Murphy but more fucking, and also an extraneous couple of scenes with Marcus London, you’ll be just fine with it.


I’m not really sure what to make of this whole thing, except that the African prince Tyler Knight and his faithful manservant Chris Cock toil up the side of a zebra-studded savannah to find Skyler Nicole and Chanell Heart, who are dealing out Nuru massages in some kind of – dare I say it – Savannah Cabana. The Prince and his henchman split up and take the girls on in separate corners of the room, getting slippery in the honorable tradition of Japanese African massage sluts since time immemorial. Slippery skin leads to slippery genitals, which leads to fucking, as it always has, and the Prince and his man blow their loads on their eager masseuses and decide they need to go to America to experience real Nuru.


We skip over to – one assumes – America, where Marcus London has been having some shoulder issues during training and FINALLY agrees to go to a Nuru massage place recommended by his trainer. He meets Sophia Leone, whose general demeanor lets him know that he’s there more to take his mind off his sore shoulder rather than get treated for it. The lovely Sophia touches his shoulder enough to remind him he still has one, but unless she knows some special cockupressure points in the penis area, she’s straying from her remit. He doesn’t complain, though, even when she abandons the therapy entirely to just fuck him. With an ass like that, it’s no wonder she can distract him, and he pops on her tits while jacking his cock in such a way that makes it seems like his shoulder is just fine.


Marcus says his shoulder feels better when they’re done, but in the very next scene, he’s back at the very same Nuru massage place, and it is possible that he hit his head and forgot that he’d ever been, because he shows no signs of knowing where he is. This time, he gets Amirah Adara, and tells her he’s never been to a place like this before. It must be nice to experience the wonder of Nuru again and again for the first time, like an innocent child. Amirah does the same things Sophia did, concentrating on his cock and letting him get his hands all over and inside her. After the shower, the sexy Hungarian brunette lets him finger her in the tub, then puts him on the air mattress and rides him to a money shot on the ass.


For the final scene, we return to Tyler Knight and his faithful manservant coming to America, to the very same apartment where Marcus London has been getting his muscles relaxed. Tyler, whose African accent comes and goes like a Nuru client, arrives at the Nuru parlor to find Lea Lexis asking for two hundred dollars; he’s a prince, so he can afford it, but that must seem pretty steep to someone who’s used to a Serengeti economy. Still, the treatment she deals out is easily worth two bills, and Tyler sends Chris out to wait in the car as he takes advantage of little Lea’s skills, which include striptease, cock sucking, and the kind of massage that must make Tyler glad he doesn’t have any creaky joints like Marcus. She puts him through his paces in cowgirl, spoon, and a 69 that leaves him gasping as he shoots in her mouth.

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