The word of the day is BBC: Ass Full of Diesel

At this point, one could say, Shane Diesel is a field expert in ass-ology. One could say, that he has collected numerous samples and data points over a somewhat short period of time, and that, in fact does indeed make Shane Diesel an expert ass-ologist. That’s why today, we are here today. To see his work demonstrated live in the field.

Dahlia Sky is a real estate agent that never existed because she realized, she actually could be making way more money making porn. Scantily clad in super sexy black lingerie, she hardly had to coerce Shane into having sex with her, and so he gets straight down to business. His monstrous cock is way to big to fit in her mouth, so he finds her welcoming pussy to be more apt for stuffing. However, after he’s had enough of that, he goes straight in for her ass and stuffs her full until she is finally content with the ass fucking she has received and gets his full load straight to the mouth.

Kat Dior is the typical girl from southern California, or at least, if one can make such a hasty generalization. Decked in big fancy expensive jewels, she has a husband who feels underappreciated, and according to Shane, her husband feels like more of a cash cow for Kat. Kat feels like her hot piece of ass, is worth all the money she gets from her husband and more; Shane came over to Kat’s house to ask her if this is true, but also to deliver a fat black cock to her pussy and ass. He fills her little slut holes and stretches her out so much, she’s not sure it can fit inside her ass. Sure enough all of it does, and after a long session, he comes on her face.

Eva Long is next on the list for a good ass fucking, but according to Shane, he’s never put it in her ass before, which makes us, the viewer, a little worried that it might not actually fit as easily as one is lead to believe. However, after enough warming up, and what we assume is tons of off screen lubing up, we can all be relieved that it does indeed, fit in her ass quite nicely actually. She takes all of it in and loves every second of it. He finally gives her a big load of his cum in the ass.

Violet Monroe has already taken two black bulls for the day today, and they both stretched out her pussy so good, that she now needs a quick change of pace when she takes on Shane and decides she needs to get his fat dick in her ass. Her expertise in BBC is evident in her dick sucking skills, and soon he needs to find a new hole to fuck, so he fucks her pussy hard and deep before putting it in her tight little asshole. Violet loves getting pounded in the ass by Shane, and they both come together when her pops in her ass.

Seneca Sextus

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