Forbidden Affairs Vol. 7: My Son’s Wife

Forbidden Affairs Vol. 7: My Son’s Wife Movie Details

Title: Forbidden Affairs Vol. 7: My Son’s Wife
Studio: Sweet Sinner
Director: James Avalon
Stars: Elsa Jean, India Summer, Karlee Grey, Tyler Nixon, Tommy Pistol, Evan Stone
Overall Rating:

3.75 stars

I think we all know by now, after the last couple of years in porn, how much taboo is really worth. When someone says “forbidden” these days, they really mean “mandatory” don’t they? Also, speaking of cognitive dissonance, it’s odd to see Tommy Pistol settling in to roles that require gravitas instead of a squirting flower or a creampie. The comedy kind of creampie, I mean, not the porn kind.

Tyler Nixon calls his dad, Tommy Pistol, with a business proposition, but Tommy has had enough of his feckless son’s irresponsible schemes – apparently there’s a history there – and hangs up. When India Summer asks Tommy how the call went (she has to because he won’t stop lying on the couch and passive-aggressively groaning until she does), he reminds her that Tyler already ruined his life once with some scheme. Tommy, though, has made his own mistakes, most notably a torrid evening (or possibly afternoon) with Karlee Grey, who enjoys having her feet fucked and apparently isn’t too particular about who does it. Big dick or not, Tommy is kind of a jerk, and even though she likes the sex, she doesn’t love getting kicked out when India comes in and catches them lying around covered in sweat and jizz.

India persuades Tommy to give Tyler a second chance, just as she gave him one, but the dinner engagement they arrange goes south when Tommy can’t stop digging at Tyler, who storms out and leaves his girlfriend Elsa Jean to make awkward conversation. Elsa starts to get Tommy talking, but gets pulled away before she gets too far. Later, though, she demonstrates to Tyler some ideas she has about how to get Tommy to come around. Tyler agrees that if she tries that cock sucking technique, it’ll drive dad crazy. The fucking, well, that’s just icing on the cake.

There’s some more of Tommy being a complete dick and a bad businessman, and India finally leaves him, heading over to Evan Stone‘s house, where she climbs aboard him in the new underwear she put on in the car specifically for him to take it off her. I’m guessing he’s an ex-boyfriend or something, or maybe a current one, because he’s up on her troubles with Tommy, and happy to take advantage of them. she sits on his lap, his face, and his cock, and he rewards her by covering her with spunk.

Meanwhile, back at the homestead, Elsa shows up to look for some glasses, but her real purpose is to seduce Tommy, who goes for the bait like a hungry dog. He protests briefly, but only once, and immediately starts fucking his son’s wife, which is really just another example of being a jerk. You can’t really blame him, though – a narcissistic control freak with sociopathic tendencies isn’t going to do anything else. And Elsa’s pretty hot. And like his cock after pumping a load across her shaved pussy, Tommy softens and decides he might present his son’s idea to the board after all. The fact that she’s going to blackmailing him speeds up the process, but he was headed there anyway.

P. Weasels

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