Curves for Days: Will Make You Jerk Off for Days

Curves for Days Movie Details

Title: Curves for Days
Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment
Director: Joanna Angel
Stars: Axis Evol, Chad Alva, Tank, Gage Sin, Alison Tyler, Farrah Paws, Raquel Adan, Small Hands, Brianna Rose, Xander Corvus
Overall Rating:

4.5 stars

You can hardly accuse Burning Angel of only employing skinny bitches; although it is true that a lot of their models tend to the waifish and heroin chic-y end of the porn spectrum, that’s more a function of BA’s aesthetic than anything else. Still, Curves for Days is one of the only times I can remember seeing a title from Burning Angel that specifically focused on what porn thinks of as the chunkier girl, which is to say the perfectly normal woman. They’ve done a few big tit titles, but it’s nice to see them using the whole buffalo.

Chad Alva‘s regrettable hairstyle choice is fortunately overshadowed by the arrival of the delectable Axis Evol, briefly clad in skintight punkabilly spandex. There’s no dialogue or plot to distract from her after Chad ties back his hair while she lies on the bed and remarks that she needs a fucking. Get that shit under control before the cameras start rolling, Chad. He makes up for lost time by ripping her spandex off to get to her pussy, and they don’t even bother undressing her. Axis is a pretty girl with big, bouncy, natural tits, and she doesn’t overact, but she likes it dirty.


You’d expect a girl named Tank to be either built like one or built like someone who need to act like a tank to compensate for being tiny, but Tank looks like she has a pretty normal body. She looks like the kind of girl who realized that by shaving parts of her head and tatting up, she could be a knockout instead of just quietly pretty, like the “ugly” girls in teen movies. Gage Sin takes control of her almost immediately, and Tank gets fucked in every hole and seems to appreciate the attention, especially the spanking and choking.

Girl-girl isn’t especially my deal, but when you have a pair of sexy, luscious hotties like Alison Tyler and Farrah Paws – one blonde, one brunette, one tall, one short, both covered in tattoos and obviously enjoying each other, it’s hard to find a good reason to complain. There’s a motorcycle next to them for scenery, but you probably won’t spend much time looking at it.

If it weren’t for Raquel Adan, Small Hands‘ monologue would be the best thing about his scene. She’s a big, tanned, busty brunette with some crazy tattoos that really make you wonder what’s going on in there. She’s quiet but intense, and her Spanish pillow talk, while uncomplicated, is pretty hot.

Speaking of taking control, Xander Corvus – taking some time off from being the internet’s horny stepbrother – gets right down to business with Brianna Rose; admittedly, she is standing around in a Hollywood-mainstream-movie-level bondage outfit with a leash attached, so he knows exactly what she wants, which is manhandling, slapping, and a really hard fucking. I would have liked to see her fully out of her corset, but you can’t always get what you want.

P. Weasels

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