Cheating With The Nanny: There’s only 1 Nanny but 3 Other Hotties to Pick From

Cheating With The Nanny Movie Details

Title: Cheating With The Nanny
Studio: Pretty Dirty
Director: Craven Moorehead
Stars: Alice March, Katrina Jade, Scarlett Red, Shane Blair, John Strong, Tommy Gunn, Lucas Frost, Tony Martinez II
Overall Rating:

4.25 stars


When the kids are out to school and the wife is away for her monthly book club, it’s the perfect time to call the nanny for a quick bang out. Especially when the Nanny, is in skimpy clothes that are hardly workplace appropriate, and as hot as the girls featured in Cheating with the Nanny. In this movie, we have naughty Nanny’s masturbating to the sexy Latin gardeners and using their seductive skills to their own pleasurable advantages. While we really only get one nanny fucking scene, it doesn’t mean that all the others are not as good. It just means there’s more variation. Sit tight, and enjoy the ride for this fun filled fantasy come true.

In our first scene we have the beautiful Alice March who quite frankly doesn’t have much to do since there is no babysitting to be done, and no children in sight (for good fuckin reason). So what better form of entertainment than seducing the hard working gardener and putting him to work in other dirtier ways? Alice does just this right after playing with herself for a little bit. She needs someone to work hard for her, and the gardener puts his dick to work in all her holes. He fucks her ass hard for a while and pops in her mouth.

Don’t be fooled by Katrina Jade, while she may be trying to convince you of her innocence, in this story she is definitely anything but innocent. At the beginning, Tommy Gunn‘s buddy called him up to go to the gym, and while that may have been the case any other day, today he’s trying to spend time with his daughter. She’s not home though and Tommy is left to fend for himself with the lovely Katrina, who from the looks of it, is a girl scout and not a nanny, and sent her troops out so as to have the house all to herself. She feeds him cookies while he waits for his daughter to come back. It takes an unusual amount of time for a porn video to seduce Tommy, but eventually Katrina gets her way. She gives him a sloppy wet blowjob and then gets on top to give Tommy a ride. After enough fucking around, Tommy gets straight to the pounding and eventually shoots on Katrina’s ass.

It’s Shane Blair‘s first day on the job, and we finally get the nanny fucking that we were promised by the movie’s title. The kids were tucked away and the wife is having another long day at the office: it’s the perfect time to get the fucking started. It turns out, the payment method for this nanny is quite advantageous. They find the perfect room to begin their flirtatious encounter, and it doesn’t take much convincing. It’s easy to get going when the nanny immediately starts to undress you, and has a voracious appetite for your dick. Shane gives the lucky man an especially long and dripping wet blow job. This scene is particularly awesome to experience because they take their time with the foreplay and seduction, and the two characters explore their bodies equally well. He eats her and fingers her a bit until she comes a couple times and fucks her deep and hard. She’s flushed red with enthusiasm. They evidently enjoy this long encounter quite a bit until he gives her a huge load straight in her mouth.

John Strong starts off the scene by posing as a psychiatrist, a naughty one who records his female patients and gets a rude interruption when his new male patient Jaime, (pronounced high-me) walks into his office, and is very anxious to know if he has an 18 year old daughter that he hasn’t met. Dr. Strong prescribes him some anxiety medication, with the ulterior motive of finding other 18 year old’s that will call Dr. Strong daddy. He’s found his new favorite website, and eventually, Scarlett responds to his message and drops in for a visit. After a bit of awkward “catching up”, things start to get a little steamy, as Scarlett reveals her desire to date older men and they start touching each other sensually. We get the sense that maybe the website John found was not for 18 year old’s looking for their biological fathers, but rather, for 18 year old’s looking to find someone to call daddy and get a good fucking going. I guess there’s always two sides to a coin. He gets to eat her pussy and is hungry for all the juices she has to offer, and she enjoys giving it to him. He plays with her pussy and fucks her like he hasn’t seen her in 18 years; she’s flushed red and wants more, so he pops a big load in her mouth to satisfy her needs.

Seneca Sextus

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