Let’s Play: Freaks and Geeks at Burning Angel

Let’s Play Movie Details

Title: Let’s Play
Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment
Director: Joanna Angel
Stars: Joanna Angel, Janice Griffith, Small Hands, Dollie Darko, Xander Corvus, Amber Ivy, Johnny Castle, Nikki Darling, Bill Bailey
Overall Rating:

4.5 stars


Burning Angel’s been leaning hard on the the video games lately, to good effect – courting the geek crowd with titles like Gamer Girls – Pwned and Boned, Comic Book Freaks and Cosplay Geeks, and Cosplay Geeks #2, which is kind of awesome, and surprising that it took them this long. We hope to see more of this, especially with Joanna Angel at the helm. Let’s Play is more about the game than the cosplay, but who cares? We’re in favor.

It’s a little odd seeing Janice Griffith in a Burning Angel movie, but she has blue hair now and she’s willing at least to pretend that she loves video games – in this case, “Ass Effect”, in which one apparently fucks aliens – so that puts her squarely in the BA demographic. Small Hands isn’t getting his alien-fucking needs met with Joanna, so when Janice moves in, their shared love of alien-fucking video games turns into a mutual desire for human fucking. Janice is a squirter and hoses him down while he pumps her full of cock and covers her tits in his jizz.

Joanna, Dollie Darko and Small Hands are confronted by a trio of angry ogres, but the battle goes poorly and DM Xander Corvus is left alone with Dollie after the others decamp. That’s all part of her plan, though, and Dollie ends up successfully summoning Xander’s cock out of his pants for a messy, sloppy blowjob. Her big fake tits bounce as she rides him and begs for more, and when she gets on her knees for more cocksucking, her fucks them too. He blasts all over her face in the end, and she licks up his cum off the couch.

Amber Ivy wants Johnny Castle to get dressed to go to the movies, which is kind of rich considering that she’s barely wearing anything at all, but he can’t get past the boss, so she takes the controller away from him and shows him how it’s done. Johnny gets pretty excited watching her, and as soon as the last enemy hits the ground, their clothes do too. She keeps playing while she rides his face, and even distracted, she beats his high score. He wins in the end, though – so does she, since they both get to come.

Bill Bailey‘s hunting rare Pokeable creatures, and the Shiny is one of the rarest, but Bill’s very surprised when one appears in front of him and asks him to power her up with his dick. He and Nikki Darling, in a pink bunny outfit (or something), get out of the park before the other hunters can get in on the action. Back at this place, they (pretend I am making all kinds of clever Pokemon-themed double entendres to reflect the fact that he fucks her pussy and ass in every position) until he shoots on her face.

P. Weasels

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