Milk Me, Miss: Get Your Daily Dose of Vitamin D

Milk Me, Miss Movie Details

Title: Milk Me, Miss
Studio: Fantasy Massage
Director: Barrett Blade
Stars: August Ames, Josie Jagger, Olivia Wilder, Scarlet Red, Serena Ali, Marco Banderas, Tyler Nixon, Antonio Ross, Will Powers
Overall Rating:

4 stars

Humans are an interesting species overall. We are the only mammal that chooses to continue drinking milk past the age of infancy, and weirder yet, from a different species all together. Today’s topic is focused on the practice of milking, and while these animals weren’t ready for the slaughter house quite yet, they were certainly ready to drop loads of cum onto welcoming faces as a reward for their hard earned day of dick sucking. In our latest feature, what seems like socially impaired men, with poor disguises, walk into a massage parlor for the adventure they only had in their dreams. If you feel like you need to relieve some pressure, like the guys in the movies, then this is exactly what you need.


August Ames is the girl you go to when your thumbs are getting cramps from playing too much video games and you haven’t seen the light of day in weeks. As a consessuir, and renowned expert in cockology, she’s ready to take Tyler Nixon into her private massage room, where she starts off by giving him a delectable hand job. Our nerd superhero is still a little tense and awkward so August gives him a controller to play while she expertly sucks his cock from under the table. This seems to relieve the awkward nerd of any social tension as he hot girl in front of him instead decides to finish the job from underneath him, invisible to his gaze. She milks him for all he’s got and he gives her all the vitamin D she needs for the day.


This next one is a little less awkward. Someone needed to get a roof fixed and Antonio Ross is the man to get it done. He fixes the roof in record breaking time, without breaking a sweat, or getting any dirt on his white shirt – one would think he is really skilled, but it’s really Olivia Wilder who is an expert in the skill of bargaining and sucking dick. The contractor asks for his fair share in the work exchange but she has other plans in mind. She’s not willing to pay the full amount in cash, but she’s willing to trade skill for skill and starts sucking his cock masterfully. She sets up the massage table to make him comfortable and begins to milk him or all he’s worth. He soon realizes this is a worth while trade and in the middle of the exchange even offers more work done around the house, presumably for the same equivalent trade value. He gets impatient and decides to get the job done himself as he starts pounding her pussy and leaves his payout all over her pussy.


Marco Banderas came in to the milking parlor with a problem that can only be fixed by a professional. The beautiful Scarlet Red, who is new on the job, readily offers her services to her first client, who has visited the parlor several times in the past. They waste little time and get straight to business. She massages him, relaxes him and stuffs his cock full in her mouth. As he relaxes into his massage, she flips him over to the other side, so she can milk him from under the table. Their business transaction ends when he fully discharges into her mouth and gives her more than enough cum to fill her daily vitamin C requirements.


Antonio Ross discovers where the professional milkers set up their business and seeks them out further. Apparently, there’s no one else that can do business like them and he cant get enough. He quickly gets set up on the massage table as Serena Ali runs her hands all over his body to get him relaxed. Milk tastes better when there are less distractions and she needs his full attention to get all the milking done right. As soon as he is worry free, he’s flipped over for a bottom up massage of his cock, and its all stuffed down Serena’s throat. When she discovers that he’s good and ready, she once again flips him over for a little extra attention to detail and decides to ride his cock fast and hard. He finishes giving her all his hot cum on her ass for another successful day at the milking factory.


In our final scene Jossie Jagger is one of the professionals that runs the milking business, which is turning out to be quite profitable, with all their repeating guests. They’ve built up quite a reputation and she does not disappoint. When Will Powers comes in for an expert cocksucking, he didn’t expect it to be as good as it actually turned out to be. He gets milked hard from underneath the tableĀ  and it’s enough to get him to explode all over her face. She takes it like a champ. She knows what to do, after all, she’s in the business to get all the cum she can get. They said it was good for hair?

Seneca Sextus

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