Share My Wife: Or Just Use Her While I Watch

Share My Wife Movie Details

Title: Share My Wife
Studio: Private
Director: Xavi Rocka
Stars: Yasmin Scott, Macy Ssens, Marina Beaulieu, Catalya Mia
Overall Rating:

4 stars

Private movies have the advantage of looking nice whatever else may be going on. This collection of Share My Wife features four scenes of MMF threesomes of various stripes. Yasmin Scott, Macy Ssens, Marina Beaulieu, and Catalya Mia writhe and grind between ten or so (there may be some repeat appearances) guys, some of whom are fucking, some of whom aren’t. We must assume that these are supposed to be wives, because the title of the movie is Share My Wife, because for the most part there’s very little exposition. When there is dialogue, it’s mostly drowned out by music, but if you’re willing to use your imagination, you can get as much wife-sharing as you want out of these scenes.

Yasmin Scott is a trim Aussie brunette with short hair who looks to be of wife age but is listed in her bio as only 22. She does not look 22. Still, she seems to have been around the block a few times, enough to know how to deal with a pair of hard cocks. She loves a handprint on her ass, a cock in both holes, and the taste of cum, and her men do not disappoint.

Macy Ssens gets a second guy for her birthday or an anniversary, or for Rose Day in Belgium or something – it’s impossible to tell what; all we know is that she gets a rose and an extra dick, but that’s enough to be getting on with. Macy’s another brunette, slender with a pretty face, and she always looks like she’s just on the verge of tumbling over the edge into orgasm. Eventually she does, even though she only gets one cock – her husband opts to kiss and hold her while she’s getting fucked, rather than joining in.

Marina Beaulieu is a glamorous looking blonde in a slinky dress that covers some structurally intense underwear meant to support her weapons-grade tits; she’s making out with a guy by the pool, and we have to assume he’s her husband, because when they catch someone watching her from the bushes, she decides to fuck that guy instead, allowing him to penetrate her ass and pussy while her man sits by and watches. The interloper pops in her mouth, which she then uses to kiss her husband.

Hold on a minute – wait right there, says Catalya Mia to her husband (who looks like he might have just come home from work at the docks), and then she comes back wearing some super slinky lingerie, of which he approves in sign language; hold on a minute, she says again, and she comes back this time wearing a guy in a black suit, about which her husband seems less sure, although what did he expect, wearing holey shorts around a woman like that? She’s a sophisticated redhead grandma – of course she’s going to step out. Well, actually, she stays in, swallows the cock, takes it in every hole, and rides it until it explodes in her ass.

P. Weasels

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