Daddy Says I’m the Best 3: Not Everything is a Contest, Honey

Daddy Says I’m the Best 3 Movie Details

Title: Daddy Says I’m the Best 3
Studio: Diabolic
Director: Brittany Blue
Stars: Anya Olsen, Elsa Jean, Amara Romani, Liza Rowe, Marco Banderas, Tommy Gunn, Derrick Pierce, Marcus London
Overall Rating:

4.25 stars


Diabolic is really working to up the creepy factor in the fauxcest genre here, with a title that implies dads are fucking multiple daughters and grading them on their performances – a task usually reserved for unscrupulous college professors and maybe casting-couch porn producers. Unfortunately, Daddy Says I’m the Best 3 doesn’t really deliver so much, being instead a relatively normal (given that it is an incest porn movie, of course) collection of daddy/daughter scenes without any hint of the competition it alludes to. Oh well – I guess we have to be satisfied with some straightforward daughter-fucking.

“Oh, Mami,” says Marco Banderas to Anya Olsen as she’s bouncing on his cock, which is a little odd if you ask me. Marco is often unintelligible anyway, though, so they may have just turned him loose and let the chips fall where they may. It’s debatable whether he even knows he’s in an incest scene. He and Anya, you see, woke up in the morning after a hell of a party, and Anya is eager to repeat the fucking she got last night, which she says was spectacular; Marco is ready to go, and Anya climbs aboard and spreads wide, eventually taking a load on her shapely ass.

Amara Romani is lying around the house in her underwear, trying to get Tommy Gunn‘s attention, but he’s not playing her game. Well, not until the trim little brunette makes her intentions explicit by taking off her top and showing him her perky little tits. That’s the last straw, and pretty soon he’s face down in her pussy, getting her ready for his big cock. Amara doesn’t need that much priming, so she manages to take daddy’s big cock pretty easily, and he covers her pretty pussy with jizz.

Derrick Pierce, who really isn’t old enough to be the daddy of anyone legitimately fuckable, ends up fucking Elsa Jean to make her feel better about her dumbass boyfriend cheating on her with the girl from the phone kiosk at the mall. She’s really pretty, mourns Elsa, who’s feeling insecure, which raises some questions about what she considers pretty. Derrick says any man would be lucky to have her, so she quite logically jumps him and gets a big daddy facial for her troubles.

Liza Rowe‘s mom and Marcus London have decided to split up, and he comes upstairs to tell her the bad news; she lets him know that she’d rather stay with him, and then puts the moves on him – presumably, mom downstairs is no longer part of the equation at all. Having made the decision to go, he’s fine with letting is ex listen to him fucking her daughter upstairs; if the sex is anything to go by – and it has to be – the split was a long time coming. Liza’s trim little body is exactly what he needs after what we must assume was years of deprivation, judging from the load he leaves on her spread pussy.

P. Weasels

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