My First Blowbang!: I’d Bet Against It

My First Blowbang! Movie Details

Title: My First Blowbang!
Studio: New Sensations
Director: William H.
Stars: Melissa Moore, Samantha Hayes, Aurora Belle, Cali Carter
Overall Rating:

4 stars


Whenever you see a porn movie whose title starts with My First… you kind of automatically think “yeah, sure, whatever,” and paradoxically the more extreme the activity, the harder it is to believe that the subject hasn’t done it before. Seriously, you never tried double anal before? I doubt that. Who does that for the first time on film? And a blowbang – come on. you’ve sucked more than one dick at a time before. I’ve seen you suck more than one dick at a time before. Do you expect me to believe this is the first time it’s been more than two? Well, Melissa Moore, I am not that big a dope. No, Aurora Belle, I am not convinced that you’ve never had five guys fucking your mouth before. No, Samantha Hayes. I don’t…hmm. Maybe you, Samantha Hayes.

Melissa Moore gargles cock like she’s taking a particularly unpleasant medicine – she knows she needs it, knows she might die without it, but she really needs to have it forced down her throat. Melissa likes being cock-slapped, choked, called names, given very specific and very explicit instructions, and being face-fucked. At one point, one guy gets under her and lets her ride his face, but it’s like she doesn’t even notice anything’s happening with her pussy. She never stops squealing or sucking, and that’s pretty much the way a blowbang ought to go; she finishes up still gasping for breath and covered in jizz.

Samantha Hayes looks lanky and lean and tall, but it’s hard to tell – like the other scenes, hers was filmed with a pure white background. She has long, wavy hair that’s going to be hell to clean when it’s all sticky and matted. She says the blowbang is one of her longest standing fantasies, and then moments later that she’s been thinking about it for months. She starts out with just the one cock, then two and three and four, and before long she’s surrounded by dicks and loving it -getting dragged around by the hair, slapped, and spit on. “I’m the happiest little whore in the world,” she says, and you can’t help but believe her.

Aurora Belle, charmingly, can’t really even say blowbang. She’s from Russia, although not really recently, and for some reason she keeps saying blowgang, which isn’t at all incorrect – just not exactly right. She says she watches Russian porn and that it’s a lot dirtier than American porn, and then sets out to make some that’s just as dirty as the stuff that gets her off. Five dicks later, you can’t really argue that she hasn’t succeeded.

Cali Carter‘s outfit consists entirely of studded straps, which is really hot, and she’s no stranger to group sex. She says she likes to start off with a slow, sensuous blowjob and work up to sloppy, but her gentleman callers don’t let her take much time to ramp up. Inside of five minutes, she’s got balls on her chin and strings of spit festooning her face, and she’s quacking like Donald Duck. Cover me, she says, and they all leap to obey.

P. Weasels

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