Exxxtra Small Chicks Fucking Huge Dicks 18

Exxxtra Small Chicks Fucking Huge Dicks 18 Movie Details

Title: Exxxtra Small Chicks Fucking Huge Dicks 18
Studio: Team Skeet
Director: Ariel Cassidine
Stars: Elsa Jean, Holly Hendrix, Lucy Doll, Angel Smalls, Alison Rey
Overall Rating:

3.75 stars

It’s time for another installment of Exxxtra Small Chicks Fucking Huge Dicks – the eighteenth of its name, to be precise – but I’m all out of she’s so small jokes, so you’re going to have to make up your own, if you’re not too busy trying to locate the molecule-sized girls in this movie, and if you can operate a magnifying glass and masturbate at the same time. Go for it!

Tiny porn star Elsa Jean doesn’t want to get up and go to school, so she’s faking sick, but she’s not feeling so bad that she can’t call her neighbor Brad over to tell him that she’s had a crush on him since long before her eighteenth birthday, which was two days ago, l and also that she’d like to fuck him. Brad’s on board with the plan, and Elsa has no problem convincing him that it’s time to act on his impulses. His dick is hard, and the threat of her dad coming home and catching them remote, so the tiny little blonde’s offer – and her body – is pretty attractive. After all, she bought that bra specially for him – he can’t wait to see it on the floor. She begs him to come on her face, and what man can resist that?

Pint-sized Holly Hendrix somehow got herself stranded on a remote beach, so it’s lucky that a boatload of horny guys happened by to rescue her. She’s willing to do just about anything in exchange for a ride off the island, including showing off her cute little pierced nipples, so the three Latino boys take her on the boat and pull away. Once she’s rescued, she shakes her ass for them, lets them play with her tits, and finally shows her appreciation by fucking the captain back at his house. She bounces on his big cock, spreads her tiny pussy wide, and takes a big load on her face.

Lucy Doll, who sounds just like a chipmunk, is home from gymnastics practice, but mom and dad aren’t home, so she’s all alone. She takes the opportunity to stretch out some more, which gets her all wet, and that leads to some masturbation. Fortunately, a dick wanders in, attached to her creepy stepbrother, who’s happy to watch her fingering herself. She tells him not to get hard and then does everything she can to make him hard, spreading wide in the splits and rocking her hips until he can’t keep his dick out of her. The tiny brunette clearly loves big cock, and she begs for his. She keeps stretching while he fucks her, shooting on her face while she squeals like a cartoon monkey.

Angel Smalls is a familiar face in the tiny little chicks oeuvre, and not just a face. Her body is pretty familiar too; when she shows up as a cleaning lady, her client wants to see more of it, and he offers her an extra forty dollars to take off her top, plus forty more for the tights, and then an extra sixty to remove the panties. When she catches him jacking off around a corner, though, she’s not getting paid enough for that. It turns out she does have a price, though, and pretty soon, he’s got his cock in her mouth. Angel is better at fucking than cleaning, and he gives the little blonde something special to clean up when he pops a load on her pretty face.

Tiny little Alison Rey pops by to give her neighbor a cupcake for his birthday, and she makes him blow out a candle and make a wish. In the end, it doesn’t matter what he wished for, because she’s got her own agenda, and it involves giving her forty-year-old neighbor a blowjob. She’s about the same size as his cock, but she’s game and takes as much of it as she can. There’s more room for him in her pussy, though, and he fills her full of cock and pulls out to drop his load on the cupcake she brought for some extra frosting.

P. Weasels

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