Keep It In The Family: The Sting of Jealousy

Keep It In The Family Movie Details

Title: Keep It In The Family
Studio: Zero Tolerance
Director: Mike Quasar
Stars: Casey Calvert, Aidra Fox, Melissa Moore, Julia Ann, Marcus London
Overall Rating:

3.75 stars

Everybody wants to fuck everybody in Keep It In The Family, except for the people they’re supposed to be fucking. Mom has an unhealthy interest in her black stepson, Dad wants his best friend’s orphaned daughter, and the kids are hot for each other – and their friends. Everybody’s sneaking around behind everybody else’s back, and the result is more fucking than a whorehouse during fleet week. Watch as Julia Ann, Aidra Fox and Casey Calvert show how much fun a dysfunctional family can be.

Tension in the family bubbles to the surface as poor Isaiah finds himself under assault from all sides. First Casey offers him some illicit thrills if he’ll help her get some dirt on Aidra, and then Julia Ann lets him know that as long as everyone else in the family is scoring, she wants some action too. And what’s a boy to do? When she sits on his lap and puts those big, firm MILF tits in his face, he practically has no choice but to suck on them. He’s not the only one who has to suck on something – as soon as Julia sees her stepson’s big black cock, she’s on her knees, and shortly after that Isiah’s pounding her silly, until he unloads on her face.

When Casey catches Aidra alone in the bathroom, she decides to assert her position as the favorite daughter; stripping off Aidra’s towel, she leaves no doubt as to who’s in charge, and as Isiah watches from behind the door, the two girls lick and suck each other to orgasm after orgasm. The bathroom isn’t the most comfortable place to fuck, but they don’t even notice – they’re so wrapped up in each others’ sleek young bodies that they can’t even slow down.

When Aidra’s friend Melissa Moore drops by to visit Isiah, Casey just has to get a piece, and she knows Isiah’s been wanting to fuck her for years – how could he resist both of them at the same time? As they undress each other on the bed, Isiah joins in and lets them take out his big black stepbrother dick. Both of them have to suck it, ride it and jack it until he can’t help but shoot a hot, creamy load all over his sister’s flat belly.

Aidra’s been out on a shopping trip with Daddy, but she didn’t have time to try on all the clothes she bought; when they get back to the house she shows him what she looks like in lingerie, and the fashion show turns into a steamy daddy-daughter fuck session. Marcus can’t keep his hands off Aidra, and she begs him for his cock until he has to take her from every direction, finally exploding on her spread pussy lips.

P. Weasels

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