DP Cuties: Double the Fun

DP Cuties Movie Details

Title: DP Cuties
Studio: Hard X
Director: Mason Storm
Stars: Keisha Grey, Angel Smalls, Holly Hendrix, Yhivi
Overall Rating:

4 stars


Myself, I’ve never been DPed, but then I’m not as cute as anybody in DP Cuties. There’s not a lot to say about it aside from “it has some cuties who get double penetrated” – the interview sections are short and sweet where they exist at all, but honestly I didn’t come to this movie for the interviews. Well, fully honestly, I didn’t come to it at all, but only because I was in an office surrounded by coworkers while I reviewed it. Keisha Grey probably would have done the job if I’d had the privacy.

Keisha Grey has an orange 50/50 bar, and I can almost taste it in my mouth. Man, I want one of those so bad right now! I can’t stop thinking about the vanilla and the orange and how – oh, wait, she’s taking her top off. Never mind the 50/50. By the end of the scene, what with Keisha begging to be choked, slapped, and fucked hard in both holes, I’ve completely forgotten about the popsicle. Keisha’s asshole and pussy can take a lot of punishment, and she ends up with a double facial.

Angel Smalls just has a cherry lollipop; I’m assuming it’s cherry, but it’s really just red – it could be raspberry or even strawberry, although those are usually more pink than red. It looks like one of the kind that has bubble gum inside it, so I’m not as interested as I was in the orange bar. She’s not either, it looks like – she discards it for two cocks pretty quickly, without even cracking the shell. Angel likes a fair amount of spanking, too, and ends up with an ass as red as her lollipop, but her focus seems to be choking on cock, at least until it comes time to get double penetrated, which she also likes. She likes it a lot, or so she says.

Holly Hendrix says she’s never been DPed before, which I find difficult to believe but have no evidence against. She isn’t given anything to suck on in her pre-fucking tease sequence, but she makes up for the lack, and when it comes time to take two cocks, she demonstrates that she has certainly had some experience. Of all the girls in the movie, she is definitely the most vocally enthusiastic of the bunch, begging for her holes to be stretched and wailing aloud at every orgasm until she finally takes a double facial.

Yhivi has no inclination to pretend she’s never had a pair of cocks up the Khyber before; the closest she comes is to let us know that she hasn’t been with these two guys at the same time yet. Apparently there was some scheduling snafu and the shoot almost didn’t go off, but things worked out for the best and now Yhivi gets what she wanted, which is to be pounded hard for as long as she can take it. She’s tiny but game, and her stunt cocks hammer away but never dampen her spirit. They do eventually dampen her face, though.

P. Weasels

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