Joanna Angel Dominantly Submissive: Not Funny, but Who Cares?

Joanna Angel Dominantly Submissive Movie Details

Title: Joanna Angel Dominantly Submissive
Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment
Director: Joanna Angel
Stars: Joanna Angel, Anna De Ville, Lorelei Lee, Small Hands, Jean Val Jean, Bill Bailey, Jon Jon
Overall Rating:

4.5 stars

Joanna Angel Dominantly Submissive is another of Burning Angel‘s stripped-down, no-frills efforts; personally, I prefer the sillier releases – the ones where Joanna and friends goof off and play at being vampires or students or sharkbite victims (anything, really) – but I can’t say that the more gonzo titles are inferior in any way; this one is strongly BDSM-themed, which isn’t really my deal, but as is always the case with Joanna Angel‘s work, it ends up with a lot of hot tattooed alt-girls getting fucked, and since that’s mainly what I want out of porn, I’m fine with it. Pretty much anything she does is okay by me, and I’m not going to complain about any new Burning Angel release without a much better reason than “It’s not that funny.”

In “Equestrian Tamed”, Joanna and Small Hands team up on Anna De Ville, who is dressed up in a pony costume that consists more of suggestion than anything else; a butt plug pony tail, floggers, crops, leash, and wrist cuffs are just some of the tools Joanna and Small Hands deploy to keep her on her toes. Small Hands’ cock is also an important tool in their arsenal, ending up as it does in all six of the available holes.

In “Serve Me” Joanna takes on Bill Bailey and Jon Jon, who are waiting, wrists bound and blindfolded, shackled to the posts of a bed that looks like they could break it down pretty easily. Why would they want to, though? Knowing that Joanna’s going to show up, uncuff them, get their cocks out and stroke, suck and lick them till they’re hard and them demand to be fucked in mouth, pussy and ass in every possible permutation, they’re best off waiting a few minutes. That’s not the kind of thing that a sensible man struggles to escape. It’s hard to say who ends up serving who, but everyone definitely gets everything he or she wants.

“Obedience” is all about Joanna and Lorelei Lee, with Lorelei looking like a tall blonde Valkyrie (although you don’t have to be that tall to look like a Valkyrie next to Joanna, who stands 4’10”) and taking control of the very submissive Joanna. There’s a lot of latex-licking and power play before they get to any substantial fucking, but get there they do, after lots of whipping, slapping, cropping and flogging. Eventually it’s fingers and tongues, though, and a Hitachi to seal the deal.

Finally, in “Mercy (Merci)” Jean Val Jean (and holy shit, where has this guy been? He was the Fabio of porn for ten years, and then he disappeared, and here he is with a haircut and a beard, looking like a new man) has Joanna sent in to the office, where he’s conducting what must be a very important phone call, so he can multitask. She gets on her knees and sucks his cock until he concludes the call and concentrates full-time on her mouth. He teaches her a a couple of phrases like “oui, monsieur”, beds her over the table, blindfolds her, fucks her in pussy and ass, and finishes up with a facial. you don’t think of Joanna as the kind of girl who would end up in an office assistant position, but if she did, this is undoubtedly how it would look.

P. Weasels

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