Mom’s Day Job: She’s a Steady Earner

Watching a Nuru massage movie is like opening a box of Crackerjacks – you know what the overall experience is going to be like, but the prize is always a little different. It’s different enough that you notice it right then, but after you’ve had a couple of dozen boxes, you don’t necessarily remember which one came in which box. Likewise, once you get fist-deep in a Nuru movie, you realize this one’s about guys with shitty jobs relaxing at the end of the day, or guys trying to get away without paying, or threesomes. Mom’s Day Job is about family. Well, step-family anyway – guys showing up and realizing there’s more than just a client/masseuse relationship in play. That’s a pretty good prize, right?

Ryan Ryder shows up for his massage with Jasmine Jae and gets well into the part where he’s fucking her on the back patio (not a euphemism), which he’s used to, when her son Brad Knight shows up, which he’s not used to. Ryan flees, hardon flopping in the breeze, and Jasmine tells her son that maybe he should loosen up and get his clothes off. Brad finds out why his mom is so in demand at her day job, and also why Dad keeps her around.

Scumbag Stepdad Tommy Gunn shows up at his stepdaughter’s massage parlor and demands that Nikki Knightly take care of him. He knows the owner, he says, and she can’t turn him down. He makes it as creepy as he possibly can, but she’s game, and before long she’s saying Daddy in a whole different tone while Daddy is deep inside her wet pussy. Even though Daddy came in cocky, he ends up begging for Nikki to finish him off.

Jake Jace‘s job as an investigator takes him to his mom’s spa after reports that there might be some illegal activity going on, but his investigation is hamstrung when Cherie DeVille insists on showing him exactly what happens at the spa. Chances are good that his report isn’t going to cover every single thing that he finds out, which includes the fact that his mom is a cocksucking slut who is perfectly willing to jump on her son’s hard cock and take his load on her face.

When Jaclyn Taylor starts feeling nervous about her upcoming massage appointment – it’s been a long time since she rubbed one out – she asks her son to help her practice. It turns out the kind of massage she’s used to giving isn’t the sort of thing mammals forget, and while Rob Carpenter is happy to help refresh her memory, it’s a little surprising for him to find out all about what his mom does for a living., He probably didn’t expect the handjob. Or the blowjob. Or the facial. Actually, the dirty talk is probably kind of startling too. Come to think of it, the whole thing might be a little bit of a shock.

Tyler Nixon‘s a lucky boy – he’s dating two insanely hot busty blondes; his only real mistake lies in not having told either Vanessa Cage or Kenzie Taylor that he’s two-timing them, and when sisters find out about this kind of thing, their vengeance can be awesome. They make him watch as they demonstrate how stepsisters get off when they don’t have a cock to fall back on. When he gets tired of watching them tease him by eating pussy and tries to leave, though, they shove him to the floor and sit on his back while they make out. Later, of course, they use his cock and mouth, but by then it’s stopped being about revenge; when he sprays a load across their faces, though, they remember their grievances.

P. Weasels

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