Still In Love: Still Fucking After All These Years

Still In Love Movie Details

Title: Still In Love
Studio: Mom.XXX
Director: Steve Hard
Stars: Steve QMeggie MarikaUma ZexCorazon Del AngelGina MonelliRadek (II)
Overall Rating:

3 stars


Porn is, in some very real ways, about faith; in the same way that you go see a superhero movie and believe that your favorite caped crusader is in danger, you turn on porn and believe that the people in them are really feeling passionate about each other. Sometimes there’s a plot to support this belief, and sometimes there’s Still In Love. Mom.XXX gives us five scenes with titles like “Am I Too Old,” and asks us to believe that Meggie, who is lovely, might somehow be insecure about her spectacular body, but what dialogue there is is in some eastern European language. Is she too old? No, she is not. But maybe it’s spicier if we imagine she’s worried about it.

The plot of I Want You Inside seems pretty clear. I am guessing it’s Corazon who wants Steve inside, but if that’s not the case, they both end up disappointed. Steve definitely spends a lot of time inside Caroline, and if the pretty brunette was worried that her invitation to come in and make his cock at home might have been unwelcome, she doesn’t fret about it for too long. His eagerness to get his hands, and jizz, all over her has to be reassuring.

A title like Close Encounters of the MOM Kind sort of implies that Gina Monelli might be an alien, but all of her parts look perfectly human. Steve examines all of them closely, going so far as to probe several of her holes with his cock (a risky strategy, if he really is thinking alien encounter), but finds nothing out of the ordinary, excepting an eager sex drive and a hunger for more probing. Gina is a trim and foxy blonde with a lean, sexy body, and Steve is surprisingly gentle with her.

For reals, Meggie can’t be more than a couple of years older than Steve, so it’s hard to believe that she might be doubtful about her ability to keep up with the younger set in “Am I Too Old?” She definitely knows what she’s doing, sucking his cock with the practice of years of experience, and she too is eager to get aboard and start fucking. Steve defers to her, letting her decide on the positions, and in the end it’s him who has to work to keep up.

We assume it’s Uma who says “I Love Multiple Orgasms” to Steve (really, though, who doesn’t?) and Steve who facilitates them. Really, this movie should have been called “Steve Fucks Some Girls,” given that this is his fourth scene out of four so far. I’m skeptical of the MILFiness of the women he’s finding, too – Uma, like his other companions so far, is either a good-looking thirty at most or a rode-hard twenty; at least she gets her multiple orgasms!

I can’t tell who says “Let Me Make You Feel Good” to who in this last scene, but I can say that Meggie, her confidence bolstered by her time with Steve, has moved beyond insecurity to a place where she can take on another lover. Radek is happy for the attention, and Meggie is glad to show what she has learned in her recent encounter. She’s just as eager to suck cock as she was with Steve, and just as happy to get fucked and take a cumshot on the ass. I think she’s in good shape – thanks, young lovers!

P. Weasels

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