Sensitive Skin: Nuru Theatre Strikes Again

Sensitive Skin Movie Details

Title: Sensitive Skin
Studio: Fantasy Massage
Director: Barrett Blade
Stars: Asphyxia Noir, Anissa Kate, Christina Lyn, Mercedes Carrera, Kalina Ryu, Marco Rivera, Romeo Price, Eric Masterson, Tyler Nixon
Overall Rating:

3.75 stars

You know the drill by now; we’re here to witness “Sensitive Skin,” the latest chapter in the rich history of the ancient art of Nuru massage, which dates back to early 2012 (what they call in Japan the Late Heisei Period). As is customary, the theatre presents five humorous but erotic tales of gentlemen seeking relief from the stresses of their responsibilities as samurai, daimyo, mid-level salarymen, and even ronin by purchasing access to the charms of seductive. slippery and mischievous geisha. Let’s take a look at the ensuing hijinks, shall we?

I thought “Starry Eyes” was going to be a story about some young girl looking to break into the glamorous Nuru hooker business, but it’s really just about Asphyxia Noir, who has stars tattooed by her eyes. Don’t get me wrong – I love Asphyxia Noir, but there’s less plot than I thought there was going to be. Marco Rivera loves her too, because she is long and lean and has that Theda Bara haircut that makes you think she might be a vampire. She’s quiet and methodical and deliberate, and this scene is really, really hot – it’s much less frantic than most porn, and that’s very very sexy.

Romeo Price wants to become “One with Nature,” or at least he wants to fuck outdoors (let’s not pretend he doesn’t know how a Nuru massage ends), and Anissa Kate is ther to make sure the customer gets whatever he wants. In this case, that’s unlimited access to her tits, a fantastic massage conducted in part with those tits, and the opportunity to watch those tits bounce as he watches her ride him to climax.

Eric Masterson is concerned about his “Sensitive Skin” – he can’t be out in direct sunlight, according to his doctor, and the gel that Christina Lyn is going to use on him is an issue, too, or at least it is until he’s in the shower and she’s stroking his cock, but it turns out he has some sensitive spots he didn’t know about. She explores him till she finds them all and stimulates them till he blasts a big load of his own lotion over her belly.


Mercedes Carrera‘s client Clover is so “Nervous” that he hangs up a couple of times before he can bring himself to make an appointment, but ends up making it in anyway. Mercedes knows exactly what pressure points to access in order to calm a nervous guy down, though (hint: they’re all near the penis), and in no time she’s managed to arrange it so that only one part of him is still tense. She settles him down with some fucking before the massage starts, and leaves him nearly comatose after he shoots a load in her mouth. Well, near it, anyway.

In “The Novice,” Tyler Nixon‘s supposed to be washing the windows of the spa for his mom, the boss, but when Kalina Ryu undresses and starts showering before her shift, he can’t help but jack off watching her. Of course, she catches him, but instead of being mad she invites him to join her, and she shows him what she does for a living After fucking him in the shower, she deals out a professional grade massage, sucks his cock, and sucks the cum out of the condom he wisely uses to fuck her.

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