Shade X 2: Cool and Dark

Shade X 2 Movie Details

Title: Shade X 2
Studio: Smash Pictures
Director: Holly Day
Stars: Melissa Moore, Veruca James, Lea Lexis, Casey Calvert, Jon Jon, Jovan Jordan, Nat Turnher, Moe Johnson
Overall Rating:

3.75 stars

Four sexy, sultry seductresses make their men’s days better by getting dolled up in dresses or lingerie and doing what porn stars do best in Shade X 2. Whether it’s soothing the sting of bad news, helping a man relax after a long day at the office, or just a hot booty call in the middle of the afternoon, these girls want black cock, and the best way to have great interracial sex is to get your man in the mood by pampering him, and then take what you want. After a long day of sunbathing and a slow, sexy, reverse striptease. Melissa Moore is finally ready to go out to dinner with Nat Turnher, but a run in her stocking sends their plans crashing to the ground. She and Nat decide to stay in and take off the stockings instead, and it’s way better than that restaurant they were going to.

Jon Jon‘s getting some bad news on the phone, and it’s getting him down, but Veruca James knows how to get him back up again. She puts her talented mouth to work and it’s not long before Jon’s drowning his troubles, and his cock, in her considerable charms. Then he drowns her face in a torrent of jizz.

Lea Lexis‘ day is way better than Jovan Jordan‘s, because she spent it masturbating, dressing up in sexy lingerie, and telling him on the phone how much she wants him home. He leaves the office like a Warner Brothers cartoon, punching holes through the wall with his Lea-seeking dick, which ends up buried in her pussy and covered in her juices. When Casey Calvert finally gets tired of playing with her pussy and wants someone to take over, she sends Moe Johnson a sexy selfie that brings him running. She’s had enough of fingers, though, so as soon as he arrives she gets him wet and slick with her mouth and then begs for it in her tight pussy.

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