Jules Jordan’s Jesse Sex Machine 2: Firing on All Cylinders

Jesse Sex Machine 2 Movie Details

Title: Jesse Sex Machine 2
Studio: Jules Jordan Video
Director: Jules Jordan
Stars: Jesse Jane, Kissa Sins, Jules Jordan, Chris Strokes, Johnny Sins, Manuel Ferrara, James Deen
Overall Rating:

4 stars


Jesse, in her new incarnation as Jules Jordan‘s no-holds-barred fuck devil, is almost unrecognizable. That’s not a value judgment, but it has both good and not-so-great implications. If ever there was a G-rated porn star, it was the old Jesse Jane – she was as innocent and wholesome as a star of X-rated film can be, fake tits and pouty lips notwithstanding; in her career as Digital Playground’s flagship porn star, she never did anything that made you think of her as slutty or even especially debauched. If she was a sex goddess, she was Aphrodite. Jordan, however, has made of her an Ishtar – fecund, horny and a little violent. Still, if you like that kind of thing, then her new arc in his movies, including Jesse Sex Machine 2, is probably just what you’ve always wanted to see, you dirty dog, you.

She starts off the first scene with a cock in each hand, begging for rough treatment and moaning even though nobody’s even inside her yet. Doesn’t take long, though – Chris Strokes and Jules himself are eager to get in, and it’s not long before they rip off her purple bodystocking and start fucking at both ends. from then till the end of the scene, there’s not thirty seconds when Jesse doesn’t have a dick in one hole or another, and her oiled up body – Strokes loves his oil – bounces, shimmies and shines under their assault. They both shoot on her big, bouncy tits while she strokes their cocks.

Jesse has a surprise for Kissa Sins, an all-natural blonde with a cute face. Jesse ties her down, brings in Johnny Sins, and makes Jessa watch while Johnny fucks Jesse. It’s all a tease, though, or maybe some aggressive fluffing – when Jesse finally unties Kissa, the two girls double-team Johnny, doing about everything two girls can do until he pumps a load just inside Jesse’s pussy lips and Kissa sucks it out, after which the two girls share the load hungrily. Jesse, on a terrace high atop Jordan Towers, does a slow outdoor strip to start off scene 3, taking off her clothes in the warm sun until she’s ready to stalk in and attack Manuel Ferrara. This is a good scene, a meeting between two of porn’s most dynamic performers, and even though they’ve been together a couple of dozen times, there’s no lessening of the fire; quite the opposite, in fact. In contrast to the two previous scenes, Jesse seems to feel like she can take it a little slow. It’s intense and ultimately wild, but it builds in a most satisfactory way for everyone. This one scene alone is worth the whole price.

If you needed any more proof that James Deen is a self-absorbed douche, it’s that when Jesse stalks into the room taking off her clothes, he just sits there fucking around with his phone. Eventually, he gets around to taking pictures of her with it, but come on. He works her pussy, thumbs her ass, and uses her hard, which she definitely likes. If you like that thing he does where he just goes at every hole he can get to like a zombie rabbit, you’ll like this scene, too; eventually, she jacks him off in her mouth.

P. Weasels

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