It’s My First Time Vol. 4: I Believe You, Mostly

It’s My First Time Vol. 4 Movie Details

Title: It’s My First Time Vol. 4
Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment
Director: Joanna Angel
Stars: Joanna Angel, Chloe Carter, Juliana Rose, Mallory Maneater, Rachel Ravaged, Jenevieve Hexxx, Small Hands, Seth Gamble, Bill Bailey
Overall Rating:

4.25 stars

Joanna Angel isn’t quite as funny when she’s being earnest as she is when she’s had the leisure to plan out the goofiness, but It’s It’s My First Time Vol. 4 – like its three predecessors – isn’t really about Joanna being funny. It’s about new girls, and the way Joanna works makes me think that the girls she gets for her First Time movies are more than likely as new as they say they are, which is to say more genuinely new than they would be in pretty much anyone else’s movie.

Chloe Carter found Joanna on Twitter, sent her some nudes, told her that she wanted to do porn, and four days later, she’s trading shirts with Joanna and riding Small Hands as Joanna cheers her on from the sidelines. Chloe’s a bouncy little punk with black hair, a cute face, lots of tattoos, and a shy little grin that looks good around a cock. She likes a hand on her throat and a dick in her pussy, and you can’t ask for much more than that from a new girl.

Small Hands and Joanna catch Juliana Rose relaxing in the hot tub with a couple of other girls, and once they get her inside to do makeup and get dressed; Joanna fluffs him with a blowjob while Juliana does stills, but once Juliana, a deliciously busty tatted angel, gets her motor running, Joanna backs off and leaves her to it. She says this is the biggest dick she’s ever had, but she’s been with girls, mostly. She still seems to know her way around a penis, though, and Small Hands has no complaints. You probably won’t either.

Mallory Maneater says she got her name because she likes eating men alive, but she also says she likes to be dominated while she’s getting fucked, which is interesting. Seth Gamble definitely dominates her, taking over from the first kiss through the ass-fucking (which she specifically asked for) to the explosive facial. Mallory is intense, a little awkward, and mostly quiet, and you get the feeling she’s kind of lost in the fucking, which is nice to see.

Rachel Ravaged, a short-haired pixie who used to be a roller-derby skater, says she likes to have rough sex, so Joanna sets her up with Bill Bailey, who can deliver. Rachel looks pretty small, but she’s a dynamo, sucking Bill’s cock and moaning while she does it, and taking him deep in mouth and pussy till he blasts a load on her small but perky tits.

Jenevieve Hexxx is a little weathered, a little – how do you say – jaded looking? for this to be her first time, but we take Joanna Angel at her word. Joanna herself seems taken aback at some of the things Jenevieve says during the interview section (it’s hard to tell how serious Jenevieve is about her cats and her belly dancing), but the woman has enormous boobs and a lot of enthusiasm, and that goes a long way. She loves sex and being dominated, and Joanna decides it’s probably best for her to take this one herself, so she unveils the distinctly MILFy Jenevieve’s huge fake tits, dives into her shaved pussy, and does the job that needs doing. Jenevieve comes hard and often, and she and Joanna have a screaming good time. If you like Jenevieve, by the way, she is available to be views in a couple of other titles, including Burning Angel‘s Moms of Anarchy.

P. Weasels

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