Kendra Lust Fucks Couples: Well, Of Course She Does.

Kendra Lust Fucks Couples Movie Details

Title: Kendra Lust Fucks Couples
Studio: ArchAngel
Director: Kendra Lust
Stars: Kendra Lust, Kristina Rose, Janice Griffith, Veronica Rodriguez, Callie Klein, Kimber Woods, Tarzan, Alex Legend, Derrick Pierce, Van Wylde
Overall Rating:

3.75 stars

Anyone who has seen Kendra Lust do anything knows she fucks couples. She fucks singles, couples, trios, and it wouldn’t surprise me to hear that she fucks lacrosse teams, fire departments, or Rockette shows. Kendra Lust Fucks Couples, though, showcases the many, many ways Kendra can create a threesome just by walking into a room.
In the first fantasy scene, totally unrelated to reality, Kendra is an escort summoned to the house of Kristina Rose and Tarzan, a young couple who want some excitement in their lives (it’s unrealistic because she accepts a Groupon). Both of them are instantly excited by her, and it doesn’t take long before all the clothes are off – even the high heels! – and Tarzan is getting his dick sucked by both sluts. Kendra rides him while Kristina jacks his cock, T fucks Kristina from behind while she licks Kendra’s pussy, and the two girls take a massive facial while kissing.

Janice Griffith – who is fast becoming one of my favorite porn girls – has just gotten Alex Legend‘s cock out when her stepmom comes in, and Kendra’s not happy about her rules about no boys in the house being disobeyed. I guess the rule is in place because a cock out in the open turns Kendra into a ravening cock monster, and the lucky Alex ends up fucking mom and daughter; it’s a four-hole day for him, and he has to appreciate the contrast between the young and natural Janice and the experienced, pneumatic fuck doll who guides his cock into her daughter and helps him splash a load on her face.

As is often the case in this kind of porn, the deeper we get into the movie, the less they care about the setup, and Kendra just slinks into a bedroom where Veronica Rodriguez and
Derrick Pierce are already in the middle of getting busy, says, “Thanks for inviting me over,” and climbs into the bed, burying her face in Veronica’s pussy while Derrick uses her mouth at the other end. naturally, free-for-all ensues, with both girls taking cock from every direction, servicing each other and sharing a facial while kissing.
In another naughty-girl-home-alone scenario, Callie Klein has gotten as far as having Van Wylde‘s face buried in her wet pussy when stepmom Kendra and her friend Kimber Woods hear the moaning and interrupt the fun. “Sit your slutty ass in this chair while we show you what it’s like to be a real grownup,” says Kendra as she and Kimber strip down and demonstrate how to suck cock while Callie has to watch from the corner. Eventually they let her in on the action here and there, feeding her some dick, riding her face, and finally letting her lick up her boyfriend’s cum off Kimber’s firm ass.

Nord Henry

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