Cougars Crave Young Kittens 15: We Know How They Feel

Cougars Crave Young Kittens 15 Movie Details

Title: Cougars Crave Young Kittens 15
Studio: Lethal Hardcore
Director: Chucky Sleaze
Stars: Alaina Dawson, Alexis Fawx, Alexa Grace, Nina Elle, Alison Rey, Sarah Vandella, Savana Styles, Alex Lovell
Overall Rating:

3 stars

Cougars Crave Young Kittens 15 isn’t a subtle piece of work, but what do you want? I’ll tell you what you want, at least for right now: you want predatory blondes with lean, tanned bodies and reasonably realistic fake tits preying on younger girls who can at least pretend to be innocent and inexperienced, taking those girls to a bed or a specially constructed couch (I don’t know why, but there is a special line in the credits for “sofas built and designed by”), licking the living daylights out of them, and taking a licking in return. And if that’s what you want – and we both know it is – you’re in luck, because it happens four times in a row in Cougars Crave Young Kittens 15.

Alexis Fawx, a predatory blonde with a lean, tanned body and reasonably realistic fake tits, is in charge of interviewing new girls for the cheer squad. Today’s applicant is Alaina Dawson – slender, pale and sporting a set of tiny little tits that put you in mind of Anne Howe or Kitty Yung – or, if you started watching porn after the ’90s, let’s say Tanner Mayes. Alexis lets Alaina know in no uncertain terms that she’ll be expected to keep the boss happy if she gets on the squad, so Alaina demonstrates her pussy-eating and fingering skills; she has clearly been on an all-girl squad before, because she knows what she’s doing. Miss Fawx is happy to reciprocate, rimming Aliana and making her come over and over.

Nina Elle, a predatory blonde with a lean, tanned body and reasonably realistic fake tits, is either training Alexa Grace as a real estate agent or trying to sell her a house – I stopped paying attention pretty early on and skipped to the part where these two blondes got inside the house and started taking off clothes. I don’t know that it really matters – Nina has a couple of huge dildos and a fat Magic Wand in her briefcase, so she was going to get some no matter what. Alexa is happy to get trained or seduced – whichever the party calls for, and the buxom and sculpted Nina knows exactly which tricks to show her. Whoever buys that house in the end is going to have to clean the couches.

Alison Rey‘s mom asked Sarah Vandella, who is a predatory blonde with a lean, tanned body and reasonably realistic fake tits, to pick Alison up from the salon, where Alison got a Brazilian (wax, not citizen, although there’s no reason she couldn’t get both). Sarah, whose outfit you will love if you’re a fan of cleavage, has questions about the Brazilian – her own European boyfriend keeps begging her to grow her own bush out – and the best way to get those questions answered is to take Alison home and get a good look at her pussy. A good look turns into a good feel and taste, and pretty soon, Sarah is facedown in Alison’s freshly waxed hooha. Alison naturally returns the favor, and while they don’t really settle any questions about waxing, they do figure some things out about whether Alison likes girls, eating pussy, and rimming (yes, yes and yes).

Savana Styles, a busty, French Canadian and a predatory blonde with a thick, tanned body and reasonably realistic fake tits, is going to be Alex Lovell‘s yoga instructor for the day. She actually does some yoga instructing to start with, showing Alex the movies before putting her hands on the younger girl. Instruction turns to groping, though, as it will, and pretty soon Savana is scrabbling about on Alex’s natural DDs like a female Rocco Siffredi. The two blondes end up inside the house and exploring each other’s tanned, juicy bodies. Savannah deploys a Magic Wand and a glass anal toy, but most of the work is done with fingers and tongues.

P. Weasels

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