The Sexual Appetite of a Young Petite 4: Voracious

The Sexual Appetite of a Young Petite 4 Movie Details

Title: The Sexual Appetite of a Young Petite 4
Studio: Pure Passion
Director: Brother Love
Stars: Ariana Marie, Sammie Daniels, Alex Tanner, Taylor Whyte
Overall Rating:

4.25 stars

In spite of its title, The Sexual Appetite of a Young Petite 4 is not an elegant Marc Dorcel story about a sophisticated but jaded older man introducing an innocent young girl on the cusp of womanhood to the pleasures of being an insatiable whore who fucks all his friends and any strangers he happens across, aided by her own natural French urges. No, it is much less specific and much less elegant, although it has a style of its own.

Ariana Marie has a tattoo on her flank that says “One Day I’ll Fly Away,” and she looks like a good strong wind could make that happen. She also has one on her shoulder that says “15,” which is presumably her weight in kilograms. For such a tiny thing, there is a lot of room inside her for cock – she takes the one she is presented with all the way down her throat with little effort – you have to admire her and envy her partner. Ariana has perfect little tits and a shaved pussy that is just as accommodating as her mouth. After stints in doggy, cowgirl, RCG and missionary, she takes a copious facial and looks grateful for it.

Sammie Daniels is a little too skinny for my taste, but if your feeling amounts to “the skinnier the better,” you’re going to love her. She looks, if anything, smaller than Ariana – the term “petite” is starting to seem a little inadequate. Sammie’s height is reported as 4’11” and her weight as 81 pounds, which means she would tower over a hobbit, but in the human world, you can imagine what dimensions like that mean in terms of measurements. Sammie does not have as much room inside her for cock as Ariana did; she tries valiantly, although she doesn’t seem to enjoy her money shot quite as much.

Alex Tanner, a gorgeous little freckled redhead who looks positively well-fed after the last scene, warms up with a nice poolside massage before she takes on a huge dick. She shows a real aptitude for cocksucking, if not deepthroating, and she has no problem taking her partner’s cock deep in her pussy. He fucks her in doggy and missionary, and then she rides him until he can’t take any more and pops on her face, which she loves.

Taylor Whyte, sunbathing by the pool, has somehow and against all odds managed to find a bikini bottom that is too small for her; fortunately, she doesn’t have to wear it for long. A short-haired blonde, she’s got a nice body with perky C-cup tits, and she sucks cock like she means it, with lots of drooling and gulping, and even if she can’t take it too deep, she looks good doing what she can. Most of the rest of her scene is moaning and oohing and aahing – you can’t tell if it’s all pleasure or at least partly effort, but she never calls a halt and when the cumshot arrives, she’s still smiling.

P. Weasels

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