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Luxure: The Education of My Wife

Luxure - The Education of My Wife

“Luxure – The Education of My Wife” is a misleading name, because the women in the title roles look like they’ve already had pretty thorough educations by the time it starts. Not a one of them – Julie Skyhigh, Lucy Heart, Chloe Lacourt, Jessie Volt, Cara St. Germain, or Anna Polina – looks like she doesn’t know exactly what she’s doing when the cocks come out. And not just cocks – we’re told they’ll do anything to please their husbands, but they are clearly ready to do anything to please anyone that happens to be in grabbing range.   Lucy Heart and Julie Skyhigh are very focused on their husbands’ pleasure, although they’re definitely inclined to share – these sexy girls kiss, lick and finger each other before the men decide they’d be better employed getting fucked. Turns out there’s enough pussy – and mouth, and ass, and tits – to go around as the foursome gets hardcore. There’s not much that’s better in this world than a pair of insanely hot blondes sucking your cock, so if you’ve got Chloe LaCourt and Jessie Volt in the same room and they’re both ready to go, you have to seize the day. Since they both love it in every hole, you’d better get busy. Julie Skyhigh takes a lot of effort to get ready for her date with her husband and another man, but it’s worth it – when they see her in her lingerie, heels and makeup, they can’t wait to get the lingerie off, the heels up in the air, and the makeup messy. She loves cock at both ends and in every hole, and they have a hard time keeping up with her, so it’s a good thing there are more guys waiting when the first crew is finished! When Anna Polina gets delivered to a sex teacher to learn how to suck cock and how to fuck, she ends up gagged and observing as Jessie Volt shows her what her husband wants. Jessie’s voracious and very well educated, and she delights in getting off while she teaches, so it’s no surprise that she rides the cock Anna is supposed to be sucking. Anna learns well enough that she gets rewarded with that same cock in her pussy, and everybody wins. Cara St. Germain has gone lingerie shopping while her husband is away, and the webcam show she puts on for him is electrifying. What’s even more surprising is the fact that she went cock-shopping too, and found one that’s even bigger than his to satisfy her. He’s a little jealous that he’s not here to help, but he can’t stop looking as she sucks it, rides it, and takes a load on her face while he watches.


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