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Meet The Newest Evil Angel Director Bryan Gozzling


Bryan Gozzling's Hookup Hotshot - Facefuck Friend Request - Front Cover

Bryan Gozzling is the man behind behind HookUpHotShot, a website inspired by his real sexual exploits on dating sites. In his personal life, Bryan is a master at meeting and fucking women from these sites and he has met some crazy sexual freaks. His new movie Facefuck Friend Request showcases his SEXploits in the world of online dating and all the hot chicks he fucked from these apps and websites. 

NT: We’ve got Bryan Gozzling here, the newest director in the Evil Angel stable; he just released Facefuck Friend Request.

NT: So it sounds like you’re new to directing, but what got you here? What was your path to being an Evil Angel star?

GOZZLING: Hmm? well, that’s a bit of a long story. But I started in Oakland about a year and a half ago. I wanted to shoot content and see how far I could go with it. I found Jeff Dillon on an Xbiz forum and asked him if he could help me with a plan to start my own site. After that the rest was history.

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NT: That’s great sounds like it was a meteoric rise! And now Facefuck Friend Request just came out, and you?re working on more. Did you shoot that around the Bay Area, or did you go down to LA where most of the action is?

GOZZLING: No, I only shot the first 6 or 7 dates in the Bay Area. I moved down here to the San Fernando Valley last February and have been shooting here ever since.

NT: We’re featuring Facefuck Friend Request right now on the site. Tell us about it. Who’s in it? Any good stories?

Bryan Gozzling's Hookup Hotshot

GOZZLING: Awesome! Alina West, Liza Rowe, Angel Smalls and Mandy Muse are the stars. Yeah, lots of good stories. The Alina West scene is pretty crazy, to be honest. She was one of the first dates I shot in the Bay Area and we had a rapport already. The energy just clicked on the day of the second date, though, and we made some serious porno. I used my inflatable butt plug for the first time on her and since then it’s become one of my favorite toys. She started screaming like a banshee half way through the date and it gets pretty shocking, A seriously epic fuck.

NT: So you’re not just the director?

GOZZLING: No, I’m the director, talent, producer, site administrator. I hand pick the wardrobe and style the girls; I also do all the production and post-production work myself. The only thing I don’t do is hold the camera.

NT: So Facefuck Friend Request started as content for your site, HookupHotshot, right? Tell us a little bit about the idea behind that.

GOZZLING: The concept started when I realized how much pussy I was getting by cruising internet dating sites and apps. I used to be on apps like Tinder and sites like OKCupid all the time and get laid a lot. Girls like to meet their fuck buddies on the Internet more and more as technology moves along. Most of the girls who are down to fuck are on the internet.

NT: Did you ever do any filming with anyone you met?

GOZZLING: Actually the first date was shot by a girl I met on Tinder. We were off-and-on fuck buddies and she was a photographer so I asked if she would shoot it for me. Turned out OK!

NT: Is she anyone whose name we’d know?

GOZZLING: No she’s a student now. She hasn’t ever done porn.

Bryan Gozzling's Hookup Hotshot - Facefuck Friend Request

NT: Were any of the scenes in Facefuck Friend Request inspired by real hookups?

GOZZLING: Almost all the dates are inspired by real hook ups. I use my real life experiences and interactions in every date. Most of the lines you see me use in Facefuck Friend Request are real lines I’ve used on girls over the internet.
NT: Is there any one in particular that’s your favorite?

GOZZLING: Probably the Alina West dates. It was just so nasty and freaky.

NT: Okay, We know you’re a busy guy can you tell us what else we should be looking out for coming up?

GOZZLING: Keep an eye out for my next movie ‘Extreme Dating’ featuring Alexa Nova, Melissa Moore, Kimberly Chi, and Anya Olsen, and join HookupHotshot.com for more exclusive content in the coming months!

NT: Right on. Thanks!

Bryan Gozzling

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