Porno Passports: Foreign Pornstars Who Should Visit More Often

Porno Passports: Foreign Pornstars Who Should Visit More Often

By: Gram Ponante

Even though America makes some of the finest pornography in the world, the Porno-Industrial Complex is an international business, with thriving adult movie scenes in London, Melbourne, Prague, Rio, and Barcelona (we?d mention Montreal and Toronto, but around here we just call those places North Chatsworth). Luckily, the abundance of Pollo Locos and low-pile shag carpeting lure foreign fuckers to Porn Valley every year for up to three months of stateside filming. Here are some of our favorite people with current porno passports.

    • 1. Angela White

      Sophie Dee, the Sweetheart of Llanelli, Wales, would definitely be on this list if she hadn’t moved here years ago. But we are quite fond of another pale, petite, big-boobed, and very dirty English speaker from Australia, Angela White.

      Like many international stars, White can stay in Los Angeles (and/or Las Vegas) and work her ass off for a few weeks to a few months a year before her visa requires her to go back home. White, who lives in the Aussie porn capital of Melbourne, finds that her native country is not as amenable to the hardcore porn she likes to shoot, so she comes here. And we are so grateful.

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    • 2. Sabrina Deep

      While she was born in the United States, Sabrina Deep has lived all over the world, and now resides in Spain. A gangbang and bukkake patriot and champion, Deep has staged World Bukkake Tours throughout the United States and Europe, and the last time she was here organized her biggest “Fan Bang” in which several dozen men, both fans and porn world ringers, deposited ropey volleys across her pale, quivering, long legs.

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    • 3. Valentina Nappi

      Like Angela White, Italy’s Valentina Nappi is a juicy sexual adventurer. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with the pornstresses who are in it for the check (well, I guess they might not be as fun), Nappi approaches even the filthiest gonzo scenes with an intellectual curiosity that pokes through even if her role requires her to just be some couple’s plaything.

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    • 4. Katsuni

      The porn world owes a lot to Katsuni who, like Belladonna, was one of those women simply everyone wanted to work with. Her many scenes with fellow Francophone Manuel Ferrara are legendary, and her French-occupied Vietnamese beauty was the toast of two continents, each of whose directors reveled in the wiles of the glamorous and exotic woman who could do such dirty things. Prior to adding some European class to Digital Playground’s heyday class of contract performers (including the former Jesse Jane, Stoya, and Riley Steele), Katsuni was known as Katsumi until the nuisance injunction of a non-porn entity with that name forced her to vacate the nom de porn that made her famous.

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      5. Samantha Bentley

      Evil Angel and Harmony Films have the market cornered on ocean-spanning directors who know talent on both sides of the Atlantic and who regularly bring American stars there and European stars here. Samantha Bentley is a London native who was a Harmony Films darling before she hit it big stateside. Bentley resembles Sabrina Deep in her pale legginess, and her British accent makes the very filthy things she says sound thoughtful and genteel.

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      6. Aletta Ocean

      I remember talking with a sales manager of an American porn company when the movie “Oasis” came out with Aletta Ocean on the cover. “I have never seen a sexier woman in my entire life,” the guy said. That’s big praise from anyone who has worked in porn and for whom sexy women are as common as customized swag flash drives at conventions (I am looking at a jar full of customized swag flash drives as I write this, and the comparison is apt).

      Like Valentina Nappi (in fact, very like Valentina Nappi), Frenchwoman Ocean is petite and curvy, superabsorbent. In her street clothes on a visit to Los Angeles she is like every young woman on Melrose, but unclothed she is a Vixen Queen, and she knows it.

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      7. Nacho Vidal

      A onetime protege (and handpicked successor) to the great Rocco Siffredi, Spaniard Nacho Vidal is a force of nature whose every scene is imbued with such menace, lunacy, and/or manic humor that he must be reckoned with whether you like what he does or not. He is a bit like Max Hardcore this way in the sense that Nacho just is, and the line between Nacho the character and the man who inhabits him seems to blur. Once engaged to Belladonna, Nacho was always fond of European hardcore brunettes, and dabbles in transsexuals. He will fuck anyone who can take it.

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      8. Ava DaLush

      A cockney firecracker, Ava DaLush describes herself as a “Geezer’s Bird,” which you probably figured out means “a woman who can talk and drink like a man and then fuck him.” This is pretty much the Holy Grail of any relationship, and in porn DaLush is a really fun person to be around, all five feet of her.

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    • 9. Steve Holmes

      Very much like Manuel Ferrara (who lives in the United States), the Czech Republic’s Steve Holmes is a lover of women. He is not blessed with Ferrara’s matinee idol looks, however, and so Holmes simply gets by on his sheer enthusiasm for beautiful, sexy women and makes it a point to show his gratitude as he fucks them mercilessly. He is beloved of all the coolest porn chicks for this reason, as has been since the 1990s.

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