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Instaboobs: How Porn Stars Use Instagram And Twitter

Instaboobs: How Porn Stars Use Instagram And Twitter

By: Gram Ponante

Did you ever wonder why you could get a clinical look into your favorite porn star’s colon on Twitter but not on Instagram? Did you think it was because Instagram just had tighter standards? Turns out Instagram blames Apple, but for a reason we can’t understand.

Like when you told everyone that you got fired from that job because you were too attractive and everyone was jealous of you — that’s just bullshit.

In the wake of the #FreeTheNipple movement, in which celebrities and real people alike nationalized their nips to expose the hypocrisy of the Male Nipple Ghetto in social media, Instagram ended up removing the areolaful shots of people like Chelsea Handler, Miley Cyrus, and down-for-anything Sports Illustrated cover model Chrissy Teigen.

So why would Instagram, which is rated for users 12-plus on Apple’s Appstore, remove female nipples when Twitter, rated for ages 4-plus, regularly shows cumshots?

“[I]n order to scale effectively there are [some] tough calls,” said Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom at a recent forum sponsored by British website Dazed. And some of those calls involve nipples and even worse nudity. So, the logic goes, Apple might remove Instagram from its Appstore, thus denying Instagram’s target demographic the ability to get the photosharing platform on their iPhones. But if Twitter posts way more graphic things

I remember talking with Lisa Ann, who got into porn in the 1990s, about her regimen back then for keeping in touch with fans. “Hours and hours on the floor with a Sharpie and 8 x 10s and a lot of postage,” she said.

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram keep porn performers in touch with their fans in ways that can be quantified but not monetized. Regardless, most porn stars maintain both a Twitter and an Instagram account (along with a Pinterest board and a Snapchat, as well as a Foursquare and a Google + account that they forgot they had). Performers often double post to Instagram and Twitter, adding the racier photos to the latter. Is there an overlap in fans? Most definitely. Is maintaining a social media presence always time-consuming and often redundant? Sure.

Let’s see how a few of our favorites use their accounts.

Lisa Ann

(Instagram | Twitter)

Though retired from porn and embarking on a sports/lifestyle career, Lisa Ann makes it clear that it’s a sexy sports lifestyle. Of everyone on this list, Lisa Ann keeps both accounts very clean, having scrubbed her Twitter of hardcore images.

Anikka Albrite

(Instagram | Twitter)

Albrite’s Twitter picture (left: “Happy Birthday, Timothy!”) is nearly the same as the Instagram picture on the right, except for the tiny piece of fabric that suddenly makes everything wholesome.

Riley Reid

(Instagram | Twitter)

Well, here are two very slickly-produced photos showing Ms. Reid at her sultriest. Except the one on the right merely suggests Reid might suck your cock and the Twitter one on the left pretty much guarantees it.

Mia Malkova

(Instagram | Twitter)

Even though the juicy Ms. Malkova’s ass (shown here on vacation in Hawaii) says nothing if not superabsorbent anal wreckage, it says superabsorbent anal wreckage subtly. And even though the Twitter photo shows boobs and bush, it somehow seems more wholesome than the Instagram photo. That’s the double standard right there, folks: Malkova is just looking at herself in her phone in the photo on the right, but on the left she appears to be daring you to test just how superabsorbent that ass is. And yet the one on the right is the filthy one. Feh.

Dana DeArmond

(Instagram | Twitter)


It was Dana DeArmond who became The Internet’s Girlfriend way back in the early 2000s with her MySpace dominance, but today she rocks the Instagram and Twitter just like her younger cohorts. Yes, she shows boobs on Twitter but two photos from her recent Hong Kong trip demonstrate just how much the line blurs between these two platforms. That’s just a leetle more ass in the Twitter pic.

DeArmond can tell you that these appsĀ come and go, and that people almost feel afraid not to create an account on them, lest they feel left out in a flurry of following, pinning, flopping (for the new app Flopster, in which people just drape themselves over something else and lose consciousness), andĀ friending. But she’ll also tell you that performers need something to do while they’re getting their makeup done, and they’d might as well play on their phones than run wild in the streets.



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