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Cute As All Get Out: The Porny Adorable List


What does it mean when a porn star is cute? Does it mean she’s wholesome-looking petite teen to the point that you want to defile her? Or does she have a delicate balance of sassiness and innocence that makes her an irresistible challenge? Is she just born that way or does she play it up for the creeps in the audience, the men who long for something simpler, the dudes who are scared off by an edge? The cute porn stars in this list each succeed in the tough job of being accessible without looking too slutty about it.

Sara Luvv

Be glad, be very glad that all our lives can’t be reduced to the copy on our porn DVD boxes. For example, the description of her star vehicle “The Sexual Desires of Sara Luvv” states that “She’s young, petite and loves to fuck!” but it says nothing about her love of cats or that her twitter page reads “You’ve probably seen my butthole.” How cute is that? (Seriously, I really want to know. How cute, in fact, is that?)

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Riley Reid

Miami’s Riley Reid, born on July 9, 1991, is an Irish/Latina spinner pixie, a 5’4″ dynamo known for her enthusiasm and sunny personality on set and off. Her charisma notwithstanding, Reid is a very hard worker, reflected in back-to-back Best New Starlet and Performer of the Year wins at the XBiz Awards in 2013 and 2014 as well as multiple AVN awards. Plus, with a name like Riley, you kinda know that you’re not getting a 5’11” BBW, making the contrast that much more evident in a movie like “Interracial Ambush.”

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Piper Perri

Lucky for you, Piper Perri is a petite blonde who started porn this year and is, as of this writing, 20 years old. In movies like “Little Princess” she shows off her braces and tiny, almost translucent frame. With women this little and unenhanced (you know, aside from her braces), the object is to provide contrast so, in the case of “Little Princess” we’re contrasting Perri’s youth with her partner’s age. Can you guess what the contrast is in this movie Anyway, I say “lucky for you” because Piper Perri is an awesome name for a tiny 20-year-old porn starlet but it becomes absolutely insufferable when it’s the handle of the texting, yogapanted mom ignoring her child’s meltdown at Ralph’s.

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Dakota Skye

Dakota Skye, who seems to have changed her name back from Kota Sky, or has realized there is no way to slow down the Porn Valley juggernaut when it has convinced itself how to spell something is, regardless of whatever you call her, way cute in a homewrecking babysitter sort of way. Not a girl-next-door, not a cheerleader, just a straight-up homewrecker. She’s wonderful. We last saw her in “Fool Me Once…” getting conned into a massage table blowjob but being pretty OK with it.

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Jenna J. Ross

Ask any thoughtful porn star, younger or older, and she will tell you that, after the initial rush of “fuck the new girl” is over, it is difficult to distinguish oneself from the steady crush of 18-year-olds starting porn every day. The charming and vixenish Jenna J. Ross looks like she has staying power even when she travels out of the ingenue world. In the meantime, enjoy some of her freshman “Sexual Desires.”

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Skin Diamond

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Skin Diamond, with her onscreen badassery, kink-heavy catalog, edgy hairstyle, lingering U.K. lilt, and taut frame might not qualify her to be cute. Not only that, but she’s well out of the teen realm. But you know what? She’s a cosplaying geek girl with a great love for “Doctor Who” and an off-screen enthusiasm for all things nerdy that occasionally gets to bubble up in her roles. She can’t help looking dangerous.

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Lucy Tyler

Don’t know Lucy Tyler? A great getting-to-know-Lucy gift to yourself is “The Sexual Desires of Lucy Tyler,” featuring a charming scene in which her step-brother catches her taking nude selfies. The ease with which she deals with what to anyone a few years older would be a shameful admission of vanity is a nice reminder to ease up. Or maybe it’s narcissistic to the point that each generation in either direction is going straight to hell. Either way, Tyler is personable and adorable and all you want to do is get her naked. Nakeder.

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Veronica Rodriguez

Veronica Rodriguez is the very picture of the unassimilated squirting Latina. In porn, where casual racism drives business (along with boner pills), someone like Rodriguez is worth her slight weight in gold. You can imagine Rodriguez fanning herself in some dusty L.A. apartment, legs spread, dress pulled up to her thighs, an exotic film noir femme fatale. When the detective finally succumbs to the host of taboos she represents, she finishes him off by squirting. That’s the movie I’d make, man.

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Natalie Monroe

Sometimes a single porn title can capture in a few ? often misspelled ? words everything a high-priced writer like me struggles to convey. “Slutty Times at Innocence High #6“? Come on! That’s exactly what I wanted to say about everyone on this list, including the adorable, enbraced brunette Natalie Monroe. Monroe is another performer whose name allows her to move beyond the eventual closing of the ingenue window (sorry Piper Perri).

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Remy LaCroix

Remy LaCroix has proven again and again that she’s not just “cute” (although that is more than enough, especially if you’re the lady who works the Bottom Side at Valvoline), and I wonder if it ever gets in her way. Pretty-picture star showcases like “Remy” go hand-in-hand with dialogue-intensive movies like “Torn” to present Lacroix as a multifaceted and confident performer. But I guess she’s cute, too.

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