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Sweet Sinner: A Company Profile


Couples porn company Sweet Sinner delivers stock characters (Stepmoms! Exchange students! Escorts! Swingers! Strippers!) in surprising situations so that couples are both titillated and unthreatened. A division of Montreal’s Mile High Media, Sweet Sinner was founded in 2009 and rose to be a market force with the arrival of Porn Valley veteran James Avalon in 2011 directing most of the titles.

Sweet Sinner is one of Porn Valley’s only companies (while owned by a Montreal-based corporation, Sweet Sinner, like Adam & Eve, Brazzers, and other studios headquartered elsewhere, shoots mainly in Los Angeles) that has a motto. That motto, ‘Real Lovemaking, Real Orgasms,’ is problematic only in the sense that every dude in every porn movie ever can already claim a real orgasm and, well, there is no one on set checking the female cast members neck flush or pH-level to determine if an actually orgasm was achieved or not. Perhaps there should be a certificate system like at your local extension school.

But whether we are watching real lovemaking (really¬†with ‘My Daughter’s Boyfriend‘ With ‘The Neighbors’ With ‘The Stripper 2′ starring Sunny Lane) and real orgasms or not, the intention and the aesthetic are there, however rigidly applied or not, and that makes Sweet Sinner special.

Sweet Sinner has pursued its archetype-based formula so well that it would be easy to think that its movies are lazy, which isn’t true. Instead, the narrow structure actually allows for some fun acting, intriguing plots, and sex that is aided not hurt by the very clear definitions of the plot structure. Do we think it’s real? No, not even a little. But Sweet Sinner makes it look good.

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