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Top Ten Hairy Bushes

Once upon a time, everyone in porn had a bush. No, everyone. If you are not a fan of modern porn, and all your knowledge of the art comes from a glimpse of a VHS tape pirated from your dad’s collection back in the mid-1980s, and if you have been thinking you didn’t like porn because of all the hairy girls, and if you have been mocking the Porno-American community’s hirsutism, you have been making fun of a bygone era. You are like a person who doesn’t want to get on an ocean liner because of their vulnerability to icebergs.

But if you long for those bygone days, if you lament the tragic faceless uniformity of the shaven snatch, if it saddens you that it is harder to find a hairy bush in porn these days than it is to find a lost tennis ball in an actual bush, stand up and rejoice. There are still bushes to be found here and there. As with any body part, attribute, sex act, skin tone, orientation, or political agenda, someone out there is making hairy pussy porn just for you, and here is a list of people who are helping keep your hairy dream alive.

10. Joclyn Stone

Meaty, beaty, big and bouncy, Joclyn Stone jiggled into porn at the ripe old age of 38. Another dirty blonde, Joclyn not only sports a full hairy bush, she hasn’t appeared in any movies without it. Thick and real, she is one of porn’s legit hairy milves. Again, her bush is darker than the rest of her hair, but given its size and lush depth, we’re inclined to forgive the discrepancy.

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9. Adriana Chechik

Adriana Chechik is another of porn’s young guns, a raven-haired adventuress with very little in the way of inhibitions or hangups. A Pennsylvania foster child, Adriana was apparently told that she is of Serbian and Russian descent, so you would expect some hair there, but she is only hirsute when she chooses to be. She chooses fairly often, though, comparatively, so you win.

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8. Valentina Nappi

Valentina Nappi is an Italian girl, but she displays little of the hair you might expect from a stereotype like that. Sometimes, though, when she lets the grass grow, the results are entrancing. Valentina got her start in porn by emailing Rocco Siffredi, so you know her provenance is good. Rocco wouldn’t let you down.

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7. Carter Cruise

Carter Cruise isn’t one of those blonde girls with a muff you can barely see. We’re not saying the carpet doesn’t match the drapes, but the drapes have been out in the sun a lot and the carpet, in spite of the fact that we rarely see it covered up, hasn’t been getting that sun-bleached treatment. It’s a delightful shade that makes you really appreciate the phrase “dirty blonde.”

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6. Bianca Breeze

Bianca Breeze is Swiss, and we have absolutely no preconceptions about the Swiss when it comes to questions of hairy pussies. Bianca was born in 1982, conceivably an event inspired by some hairy European porn that galvanized her parents into mashing their hairy Eurotalia together, but we can never know. All we can say for sure is that Bianca, who is now old enough to apply for MILF citizenship, upholds the best traditions of the eighties in her tonsorial choices.

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5. Dani Daniels

Dani Daniels has been a fixture in porn’s elite since she started in the business, and no wonder- just look at her. With a cute face, a coquettish smile that can shade to either innocence or devilry with the tiniest of quirks, and a slim, taut body, Dani is the perfect modern porn starlet. Still, she manages to evoke the golden age of porn by sporting, occasionally, a trim but substantial hairy muff. Dani isn’t hairy all the time, but when she is, she’s out and proud.

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4. Edyn Blair

Edyn Blair is the sole redhead on our list, but she’s a pretty good representative of the demographic. A bit of a newcomer, this peaches-and-cream ginger loves to show off her fiery bush. Too old to be a teen, even if she looks shy and innocent, Edyn is dynamic enough that we hope she sticks around long enough to start showing up in hairy MILF titles.

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3. Sasha Grey

Sasha Grey kind of knocked the porn world on its ass – appropriate, since that is the body part she really relied on to do the knocking – by being a breath of fresh vagina. She didn’t fit into a lot of porn’s stereotypes, and one of the ones she didn’t fit into was the shaved pussy niche. Sasha sported a full (comparatively) bush as often as not, and her career didn’t suffer for it. In fact, her career never suffered at all, and we got to enjoy a lot of bush from this girl who started out as a hairy teen and kept right on keeping it real.

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2. Ron Jeremy

You scoff at Ron Jeremy; we know you do. We all have. But we shouldn’t. Ron Jeremy is a hero – a sung hero, it is true, but no less a hero for that. And that man had a bush. He had a goddamn thicket. Ron Jeremy had ground cover like the floor level in a deciduous old-growth forest, and he revelled in it. Ron Jeremy was, in many ways, the face of porn for a generation, and he never felt like he needed to mow the lawn. He was an unapologetically hairy man’s man, and we salute him.

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1. Christy Canyon

Christy Canyon’s last appearance in porn was well over a decade and a half ago, but she will always be one of the hairy girls we remember the most fondly. In a Hall of Fame career that spanned nearly 20 years, we saw Christy grow from an angelic but horny teen with a glorious, lush bush to a sophisticated MILF with a glorious, lush bush. If Ron Jeremy was the face of porn for a generation, he was still a punchline – a role he embraced heartily – but nobody ever made fun of Christy Canyon, and she could probably still make a comeback if she wanted to, gray hairs and all. To be born woman is to know – although they do not speak of it at school – that women must labor to be beautiful, but I bet Christy wouldn’t have much work to do at all.

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