Gianna Michaels

Happy D-Day Birthday Gianna Michaels!

Gamelink’s P. Weasels wants to land a craft on Gianna Michaels for the buxom pornstar’s D-Day birthday.

Gianna Michaels71 years ago today – you may have a grandfather who remembers this, or even a father, if you spring from particularly durable stock – one of the biggest military operations ever mounted rolled onto the beaches of Normandy in western France. Operation Neptune, they called it, and the day they planned it for was called D-Day.

Gianna MichaelsAlthough I was fascinated with the Normandy landings because I had a thing for Dwight Eisenhower – I can’t and won’t try to explain it here – D-Day has a different meaning for me now, as I have just discovered that today is Gianna Michaels’ birthday. So for me, from now on, I will be thinking of June 6 as DD-Day, or even DDD-Day, depending on which source you listen to (for a more detailed description of the astonishing amount of deception and trickery involved with the original D-Day, go read a book called “Operation Mincemeat”).

Gianna MichaelsFor those of you who may be somehow unfamiliar with Gianna Michaels, she is also one of the biggest military operations ever mounted. Well, personality-wise, anyway. I am sure she has had plenty of troops rolling onto her beaches, and I know I have seen her being invaded on at least two fronts many times. Gianna, who sadly has not been seen in any new content since 2013. Somewhere in the wilds of Seattle, from whence she hails, Gianna is turning 32 today. Take a moment and remember, if you will, the heroes of bygone days, and raise a glass – or whatever you happen to have in your hand while you’re thinking of Gianna – in salute.

Gianna Michaels

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