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Director Interview: Jules Jordan on Jesse’s Comeback

Unchained is a good word, especially as Alpha Female opens with Jesse in a ridiculous dominatrix outfit zapping a bound and tethered Manuel Ferrara with a little electronic crop. The movie is BDSM-lite, Jordan says.

Jules Jordan and Jesse Jane in Alpha Female“We’re dressing her up and she’s playing a role,” he says, “but she’s not taking it too far. In some of those (BDSM) movies the woman doesn’t have sex. We couldn’t have that. And a lot of male performers just can’t function with a femme-domme.”

Years ago Jordan worked in Paul Fishbein’s Excitement Video Stores in Pennsylvania. He started making his own amateur videos. “Paul discouraged me from coming out (and making a career out of it),” Jordan says, laughing. Jordan is now one of porn’s bestselling directors and company owners, if not the bestselling. “He regrets that advice.”

Jordan and Jesse were friends prior to their working together, and the former Digital Playground star says “it was always going to be Jules” who directed her comeback.

“We talked a lot in the two years she wasn’t shooting about what we’d do post-contract,” Jordan says.

Alpha Female is an entry to what Jordan calls “the world of showcases” that porn has become. A 4-scene vignette film featuring Jesse with Manuel Ferrara, Chad White, himself, and Samantha Saint, respectively, Alpha Female is unscripted but rigorously dressed, lit, and stage-managed.

And it features drone footage.

“Oh yeah,” Jordan says. “We broke a propeller or two learning how to use that thing, but I think it looks really good.”

It does. Jesse presses herself against a floor-to-ceiling window somewhere in the L.A. prior to her scene with White, the drown flies out a hundred yards, capturing the neighborhood, the hillside, and naked Jesse, and she just looks gorgeous.

“Her body’s changed a little,” Jordan says. “She’s got a big round butt now. She’s put on a little weight.”

I try to remember the time when I knew nothing about the porn industry, so I ask Jules what it’s like fucking his friend on film.

“Oh, I’m so used to it right now,” Jordan says. “I know Jesse from the sex industry. I was introduced to her in a sexual environment. But, you know, it’s still fun.”

Jesse will shoot with Jordan once a month or so. Neither of them (Jesse for more obvious reasons) like the word “contract,” so they prefer to describe their arrangement as “exclusive.”

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