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Pornstar Interview: Dana DeArmond on A Rancid But Wholesome Valentine’s

Dana DeArmond (seen here on the set of Lesbian Office Seductions 8) is one of my favorite people in or out of porn. We very rarely hang out even though we live a few minutes from each other, but that’s what being a citizen of Los Angeles is about. I just like knowing Dana DeArmond is walking the same planet I am because I think it’s necessary that she is alive. And that has almost nothing to do with Valentine’s Day, but here’s a wholesome little story from when Dana was a virgin who hadn’t started taking dicks yet.

DANA: It was 1996. I was a virgin and hadn’t started taking dicks yet. Thats when it all started going downhill

GRAMS: You’re going to get sex-positive people on your back about that

DANA: Fuck that shit. I’m not winning any awards. I’m Parker Posey.


DANA: The Parker Posey of Porn. Anyway it was 1996 and I was a junior in high school and this boy in my AP English class found out where I lived and, for Valentine’s Day, pedaled his bike over to my house and left flowers and a Rancid record, Out Come the Wolves, with my mother.

GRAMS: That is very sweet.

DANA: And I wasn’t home so he left it with my mother. My mother said, This kid Gabe brought you flowers and a Rancid CD. I really liked Rancid.

GRAMS: It was your Amazon wishlist before Amazon wishlists.

DANA: It was pre-everything. Then, years later, I was a porn star and I’d met Joanna Angel and she was partying with Tim Armstrong of Rancid at his house in Silverlake and I went there and I thought of Gabe.

GRAMS: You say him after he left the gifts, right?

DANA: Yeah, the next time in class. I said Thanks! but we didn’t go out. I wasn’t Porn Dana then.

GRAMS: I know what you mean. There are so many loose ends.

DANA: I wonder what Gabe is doing now.

GRAM: He knows what you’re doing.

DANA: It’s reasonable to assume that everyone I’ve met has caught up with me pornographically.

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