Feature: Pissed Off by the Squirting Study

Editor’s note: This GameLink blog post was originally published in 2014.

Pissed Off by the Squirting Study

By: Gram Ponante

I was 18 when I made my girlfriend squirt — by accident. But I felt as least as accomplished as if I’d got in the National Honor Society. After all, squirting is the female money shot, Right?

Whoa there, say researchers who subjected a total of seven women to a rigorous study of so-called female ejaculation. “Squirting is just value-added urine.”

Just as the elusive “mainstream crossover” is the porn world’s holy grail, so is female ejaculation compared with its male counterpart. But is it actually ejaculation or something far less rooted in love?

According to a December 24, 2014 report by the Netherlands-based International Society for Sexual Medicine (ISSM):

The present data based on ultrasonographic bladder monitoring and biochemical analyses indicate that squirting is essentially the involuntary emission of urine during sexual activity, although a marginal contribution of prostatic secretions to the emitted fluid often exists.

Bullshit, declare people who squirt.

Says sex toy reviewer Epiphora:

Are we trying to “prove” it’s pee so we can keep shaming people for doing it?


Adds sexologist Alex Morgan on facebook:

One can both taste and smell the difference between ejaculate and even the most watered-down urine. (Some of you might want to verify this independently if so inclined.)

I watched the delightful super squirter Cytherea down a gallon of water before a recent squirting scene. Is squirting a Porn Valley party trick? Oh yes. But does it also happen quite frequently during non-porn sex? Sure it does.

Squirting might actually be a hybrid physical/emotional response; a learned behavior for some, a factory-installed impulse for others. Either way, it’s a cultivated skill in Porn, and if you’ve ever had it shot at your glasses by Sindee Jennings in a an ecstatic, prostatic freakout, you know it’s not pee.

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