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Pornstar Interview: Holly Hanna

In terms of the porn activities most women tend to wait for, Holly Hanna came out of the gate backwards.

The star of the gapetastic Holly Hanna’s Ass Fucked Open (see our review here) says that she went from Zero to Anal quickly because she wasn’t afraid of it.

‘I’m always Holly the Porn Star,’ she says. ‘I’m wild off-camera and on. I’m the girl who cleans the house naked of course before I clean the house. I freak guys out all the time, and I love anal.

Hanna is new to the corporate porn world (she currently has five ass-oriented videos on Gamelink.com) but she was webcamming in her native Austin long before she made it to L.A. three years ago. In Texas she began making custom videos for fans on her website.

To watch Hanna is to see a professional at home in the porn idiom. She gets it and she knows who her audience is. She’s a quick study and she likes what she’s doing.

‘I remember watching a porn video while I was still in Texas,’ she says. ‘This girl deep-throated a foot-long thing. She just throated the whole thing like it was nothing.’

GRAM: You did anal pretty quickly. Why not progress through toys, girl/girl, etc.?

HOLLY HANNA: I did do some of that while camming in Austin, but I like the dirty stuff. It’s not fun the first time you do anal. It takes years and years and years. But I like it.

GRAM: You’ve got this Texas drawl and you look like the girl next door. Does it surprise people when they see what you get up to?

HANNA: Yes. I look all innocent and cute, five feet tall. I like getting drilled in my pussy then drilled in my ass. Guys freak out sometimes. One guy I deep-throated and he just nutted in my mouth. He couldn’t help himself.

GRAM: I UNDERSTAND. You say it takes years and years to be comfortable with getting your anus ready, but what are a few good rules for women who want to try anal who haven’t?

HANNA: First, you gotta keep it clean. Get an enema. You always wanna do that. Then, star with a few fingers, then add a thumb, and then a buttplug.

GRAM: When does the baseball bat come in You’ve got the business end of a baseball bat in there in Ass Fucked Open.

HANNA: Oh, that takes a while!

GRAM: Lucky it’s the off-season. But even though you can clearly handle anything on screen, is there anything that you learned on the job that you weren’t expecting?

HANNA: Ohhh yeah. Girls squirting in my mouth That was weird. And prolapsing When your…

GRAM:  rectum?

HANNA:  prolapses? Yeah. That freaked me out.

GRAM: Is there something about where you were born that makes you into anal?

HANNA: A friend of mine was in an airport in Texas and he said that all the girls got big booties in Texas.

GRAM: Like Alexis Texas?

HANNA: Alexis Texas got a nice big ass but she’s from Georgia! Isn’t that crazy?

GRAM: Wasn’t she born in Panama and raised in Texas?

HANNA: Was she?

GRAM: In Ass Fucked Open, it’s clear you’re a pro at this. And I know you say you’re always `Holly Hanna: Porn Star, but I just wonder if there’s an Off Switch.

HANNA: Nope. I’m like the Energizer Bunny.

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