Kim Kardashian

Feature: Say What You Will About Kim Kardashian, Butt?

Kim Kardashian and her greased, naked butt appear on the cover of this month’s Paper magazine in a photo worthy of the venerable Big Wet Asses franchise.

The assograph was taken at Paris Fashion Week by Jean-Paul Goude.

Say what you will about Kim Kardashian, but(t) her rise to fame as a friend of bad sex tape star Paris Hilton, followed by her own bad (but bestselling) sex tape, followed by her bad (but wildly successful) reality show she is a beautiful woman who is backing all the way to the bank.

No less a personage than Lexington Steele calls Kardashian the most beautiful woman in the world.

Kardashian is very good at being famous as well as beautiful, even if we’re not quite sure if that beauty and fame are being used for good or evil. Maybe she shouldn’t be held responsible as a role model. Maybe we’re asking too much. Maybe we should not have allowed her to be famous in the first place. That multimillion-dollar televised marriage to that guy for a few months Holy cow.

Obviously these questions are above our pay grade at the nation’s best adult Video On-Demand site, but I’ll say this: Kardashian’s contributions to debt relied and Ebola research aren’t on display on the cover of Paper, but her ass is. That’s fine. Maybe the world is finally comfortable admitting what we want her for. But with that porn star-grade ass, why didn’t Kardashian make a better porn movie?

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