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Pornstar Interview: Kelly Madison

Kelly Madison: On Kiss, Sheer Luck, And Big Tits

By: Gram Ponante

Kelly and Ryan Madison have been making porn together for more than a decade, and you know what? They’re reliable. You don’t have to worry about them making a parody of 12 Years A Slave or Lucy, you aren’t going to have to fast forward through a scenario in which they come to terms with anything, and you sure as hell aren’t going to find them going along with a faux celebrity sex tape scandal.

If it doesn’t feel real to us, Kelly says, we can’t sell it.

The Madisons have been an item since Kelly picked up Ryan at Ralph’s. While the two have worked for Florida’s Score Group, they have been self-employed for the brunt of their porn career and marriage, releasing personal, fun, and very often zany movies under the PornFidelity brand.

Most of the movies feature Kelly not having to work very hard to bring some teen, Latina, pregnant lady, MILF, or black girl home for she and her husband to have sex with.

When Ryan talked me into doing this goddamn website all those years ago, Kelly says, I knew he wanted to show me off. And the way he talks about it, it’s like he is Kelly Madison. We want to portray him as being overprivileged and he is!

There are massive amounts of pussy coming his way, she says.

And yet Ryan Madison never appears like an entitled douchebag.

Ryan is cognizant of not wanting to be seen as cocky, Kelly says, In real life he’s like: `Gee Whillikers!’

This is an unsung key to the Madisons success. While Kelly blonde, busty, cougar-y (this last on is a tough designation because Kelly is not a MILF in that she doesn’t have kids and she is not a cougar, per se, in that she is not on the prowl for younger men she is a niche of one) is the face on most of the boxcovers, it is Ryan who must also deliver, and it is his professionalism that is the cherry on top of getting to fuck Kelly. (This is not the forum for it, but there’s at least a book’s worth of Creepy Porn Husbands.)

Luckily for Ryan and for me, he doesn’t even put that energy out there, says Kelly. The dude really keeps it professional.

So what about the days when he’s not working with you?

Well, there are some things that just aren’t up my alley, she says, like the harder, more aggressive stuff. And when there are crazy antics to be had, it’s like I just pack him a lunch: I dress him up and say, `Have a good day, Honey!’

The Madisons latest series is Kiss [read our reviews of Kiss and Kiss 2], which is just a little more romance-centered. The individual Madisons have various adventures and bring women home for the other. I asked Kelly about one Kiss sequence involving the super-bendy Kelsi Monroe in Hollywood.

I was back in the hotel room preparing, she says, So I didn;t see what was happening in the street.

What was happening in the street was that a pantyless Monroe was doing cartwheels in the middle of Hollywood Blvd. in full view of the tourists. Ryan can be seen in screen captures looking absolutely delighted.

She could not have been more adorable, says Kelly. And the fact that she didn;t have underwear on? Oh my God. Ryan was over the moon.

And then he brought her back to me and we fucked her. Basically we are always aware that, as hard as the work is, we are lucky, and we want to convey that. It’s hard work and sheer luck of the universe.

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