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Pornstar Interview: Anikka Albrite

Isn’t it always the way that porn versions of things are better than their real-life equivalents Greeting the pizza guy, for example. Or threesomes. I talked with Anikka Albrite about the latter.

‘It’s actually my second-ever DP,’ says the delightful Albrite of the double penetration scene in Mason’s showcase sequel Anikka 2 for Hard X. The first was a drunk night with my ex-boyfriend and roommate (before I was ever in the adult industry). My boyfriend got awkward and stopped. So this one is better.?

The first Anikka found Albrite in tears as she accepted several AVN awards for it this year, and its recent followup is even more of a showcase the new awards category that focuses on the personalities of stars. Albrite talks about how her 3-year career in porn has positively affected her body image. In addition, she leads a breathless Mason on a tour of L.A.’s secret stairways, riverbeds, and gun ranges. It’s a fun movie with a lot of sweaty, voluptuous sex.

But we’re here to talk with Albrite about the politics of the three-way, both in and out of the porn scene. Albrite is a newlywed, having married performer Mick Blue earlier this year. It was with Blue and Erik Everhard that Albrite performed Anikka 2’s climactic DP.

‘There were two nice cocks,’ Albrite says. ‘Mick and Erik. They were very professional and they knew what to do.’

GRAM: We’re often told that porn sex is not like real sex, but there’s some overlap, especially when more people are involved. Can you talk about the logistics of threesomes on and off set?

ANIKKA: If it’s a guy and two girls

GRAM:  the standard male fantasy

ANIKKA:  Yeah, it should be the girl in the partnership who chooses. If the guy in the partnership shows too much interest in the other girl, it’s not gonna work out. They have to share the girl like she’s a toy.

GRAM: And what about two guys and a girl, such as what transpired at the end of Anikka 2?

ANIKKA: The male partner needs not to feel competition. There can’t be penis envy. And if the husband is straight, obviously the girl is going to have more playtime.

GRAM: How do porn and real life differ in this regard?

ANIKKA: If it’s real life, the partners need to know that nothing is going to change. You know, if she holds something in during the regular relationship that comes out only in the threesome, that’s a problem.

GRAM: You mention in Anikka 2 that the porn industry made you feel better about your sexuality.

ANIKKA: It’s true, and I like directors like Mason because she lets me explore that sexuality. She encourages me to open up with it. don’t feel like a piece of meat, but I feel in control.

GRAM: That suggests that there are directors who treat women like pieces of meat?

ANIKKA: And that’s what perpetuates this myth that women are being objectified or are victims in this business.

GRAM: Even in Mason’s earlier, really raunchy movies, there was always a sense that the woman was in charge of the debauchery?

ANIKKA: Exactly. I’m realizing fantasies I’ve had forever. I’ve been a porn fan for a long time, and a director like Mason lets me be in charge of making them happen.

GRAM: So how did you feel that final scene turned out?

ANIKKA: It’s my favorite scene, easily. And it’s all about trust.

GRAM: I talked with Mark Wood and Francesca Le about being married in porn, and she said that Mark could fuck anyone he wanted for work and she would not be jealous, but if he ever went to a movie with someone off-set it would raise hairs on the back of her neck, because a movie equaled intimacy. And when I talked with Dakota Skye a short while ago, she said that her anal scene with Mick was better because she knew he was married to you she didn’t have to worry about him.

ANIKKA: Yes! I prefer to work with someone who’s taken so I don’t have to worry about him texting me afterward.

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