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Intimate Encounters 4 Review Intimate Encounters 4 does not fuck around Adam and Eve are eager to get right to business, and so is Ash Hollywood, who strolls into the rustic scene with her becowboyhatted male costar, Seth Gamble, holding hands as though there is romance in the air on whatever ranch they live on; they are onscreen for all of thirty seconds, of which four are dedicated to kissing, before a dissolve to her still panty-clad ass and then another to her on her knees sucking cock, I like the looks of this Ash Hollywood trim and cute, with the kind of short blonde hair that drove me nuts when I saw it on Missy Monroe and Claudia Downs.

She sucks cock for a few minutes to the accompaniment of an amiable guitar (I imagine the guitarist just offscreen, a cigarette drooping from his mouth). While the guitar goes “a-doot-doot-doot-doo, a-doot-doot-doot-doo”, the two run through a quick catalog of positions as if they had a quota. In spite of the fact that she demanded he fuck her until she screamed, she only gets so far as squealing, but it seems like she still manages to enjoy herself, and him, until he pops on her belly.

  Giselle Leon is happily masturbating near what appears to be an outdoor shower and not hiding it at all, to judge from her moans, and Sean Michaels, also wearing a cowboy hat but chewing on a giant cigar, stops by to help her out. The cigar gives way momentarily to Giselle’s nipples, but he resumes his chawing to watch her suck his cock. If a gentleman removes his hat for a lady, Sean is not really a gentleman, because he keeps it on until he has been fucking her for several minutes, but maybe the fact that she is sucking his cock so soon means she is no lady.

Anyway, she looks a little more elegant where Ash was impish and cute she’s a pretty brunette with small breasts and a little bit of haughtiness to her face, and she looks like she knows a little more about cocksucking than the average respectable farm wife. She rides him like a harse, as the Irish say, until he can’t take any more and throws a load on her tits, after which she says “See you around,” and saunters away.

  I am beginning to see a pattern here. Intimate Encounters didn’t advertise itself as a Western, but all of the scenes so far have had guys in cowboy hats, and I can feel which way the wind is blowing. This scene is the first that has any kind of acting or intro, which is Nick Manning singing a little song to Melody Jordan in an empty honky tonk bar, which naturally makes her want to jump his bones, and after the first verse she has discovered that his cock, while he is on stage, is right at face height. Oddly he stops singing, even though it is her mouth that is full, and they get on with the business of performing for each other.

This scene is less hurried and more gradual than the others, which went right to the sex very quickly; Melody, a cute but honestly a little generic brunette, and Manning are well-enough matched, and she does demonstrate a commendable flexibility while they run through their position agenda, and Manning makes good use of both pussy and ass, which she really seems to enjoy. She eventually takes the load on her perfect and delightful tits (this scene is also notable in that it is the first time I can remember not hearing Nick Manning say “Droppin loads”).

  8/10 Danny Mountain, perversely, is not wearing a cowboy hat, which makes me doubt myself a little, but since s=the scene is introduced by a cheerfully mournful harmonica and takes place in a rustic cabin with a log fire in the fireplace, I think we’re safe, theme-wise. Also, Madison Chandler Is wearing chaps under her big duster and says that yes, she rounded up the horses before they started fooling around, so we know she is a cowgirl. She’s a little blond who looks like she’s going to be a tiny bit plump, but is just curvy for a girl who it turns out is about forty inches high (either that or Danny mountain is nine feet tall). She is eager and skilled at the oral, and the two of them run through the same pleasant array of positions we have seen so far, and Danny shoots on her belly, as would you. This is the most believable as an intimate encounter so far there is something about Madison that invites confidence in her dedication to Danny. It may be just that at the beginning of the scene she asked him if they were going to have an intimate encounter, and he said yes.

  I don’t know how many ranches have swimming pools like the one that Niki Lee Young and Sophia Jade are lounging around. Niki is the blonde and Sophia is the brunette; Niki starts off in the cowboy hat, but Sophia gets to wear it for a minute before they abandon it, and propriety, completely. The activities involved are pretty standard for girl/girl there’s a lot of making out and fingering, and the two go down on each other in various positions. There is, of course, no popshot.

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