Movie Review: I Kissed a Girl and Liked it 2

I Kissed a Girl and I Liked it 2 Devils Film I am often conflicted about lesbian porn in that I love looking at naked girls and all-girl porn gives me the opportunity to look at twice as many of them, but I don’t find lesbian activity all that exciting. When its super-porny and geared toward men, I get disgusted with it and turn it off, and when it’s super-accurate and geared toward women I like that but don’t really relate to it.

I Kissed A Girl And I Liked It 2 walks a line between the two there are no long fingernails or big hair, no egregious spread-pussy-licking-from-the-side shots to take you out of the action. There is also no hardcore dyke butchiness, no BDSM overtones, no gender-freaking. As a consequence, it may seem a little vanilla to some, but it is a comfortable, friendly, sweetly teasing movie, and entirely worth your while if you want to see real girls playing with each other.

Most of the performers don’t come off as pros, and the film benefits from that.   Lizzie Tucker sleepy, cute, brunette isn’t sure what to think about waking up with Lilith Lust in her bed (I know what I would think, but I suspect the dynamic would be very different for me). It’s never happened to her! Lilith is glad to report that in spite of her alleged inexperience, Lizzie performed like a champ, which is what you want to hear from a hot girl in your bed no matter who you are.

Lilith, a busty wench with a triangle tattooed right where one would ordinarily sport a regular triangle of pubic hair, is eager for a morning rematch, and starts off by diving right in between Lizzie’s legs, and they pick up right where they presumable left off the night before. They trade oral favors, do some of what I hear is called scissoring in a couple of different positions, 69 for a while, and then make out as a sort of cool-down exercise. Lilith seems to be very good at what she does, and Lizzie given her newcomer status vis-a-vis dykery looks to be keeping right up.

 Faith Love, a slender black girl with long straight hair, is not happy that her roommate, Jodi Taylor, has left her vibrator out on the couch where just anyone could see it. Jodi, an even slenderer white girl, complains plaintively and unconvincingly that it’s for her shoulder, which hurts, but we and Faith know that she’s been masturbating (Faith and her mom know it’s because Jodi just broke up with her boyfriend, because she just masturbates all day and they know the difference between shoulder moans and vagina moans).

We all feel sorry for her, but the truth is she needs to get out there and get back on the horse, but it turns out there’s another option, which is for Jodi to make a pass at Faith and find out that Faith is perfectly fine with that. Even though they’re not lesbians, that’s what roommates do, right? The buildup is a little longer here, with a lot of kissing and making out before any orifices get deployed, and then the vibrator comes into play good thing it was out! It eventually sees service clamped between both of them at the same time, which produces some pretty convincing orgasms. It looks like the relationship has changed, mostly for the better.

Jessica Brandy is new in town, but it appears to be one of those towns where a new girl gets jumped immediately, because Lotus Lain is not subtle about what she wants from the very slightly chunky blonde from a town where there’s not many gays and all that stuff’um, lesbians. She’s not averse to the idea of Lotus climbing all over her, though, and offers no protest at all as Lotus goes right for her big, soft breasts except to say that Lotus will have to be very slow and gentle.

In fact, she gives it up so quickly that it seems like maybe she came to the big city to meet girls. Lotus, a slightly more mature-looking black girl with curly hair and a much less curvy but no less appealing body, gives off a sexy, predatory vibe she is gentle, but not slow at all. This scene is hot, but not at all convincing Jessica seems like she’s new to porn, but doesn’t have any reservations about getting it on with a girl. The two of them trade oral in various positions and then 69, but you can in places hear the director whispering instructions, and the angles and pussy-eating seems a little calculated and porny. It’s not a bad scene both of the girls are hot in their own ways but it doesn’t stand up to the other two as far as the effort taken to make you believe that at least one of these girls is a newcomer.

 Bespectacled redhead Penny Pax is welcoming the new girl to school, letting her know which sororities have the best girl-on-girl action, when she discovers to her shock and ours that Selma has never been with a girl! Selma’s never even kissed a girl and Penny sees no reason why she shouldn’t be the first, and they get to making out in an experimental way. The experiment is a success! Here is a line to remember, by the way: I really like your bra. Can I see the rest of it?

Selma, a really skinny olive skinned girl who gives off a really non-porn vibe, doesn’t mind showing off her nice bra at all, and Penny admires it dutifully for a commendably long time before encouraging Selma to get rid of it. Penny definitely takes the lead here, getting them both down to lingerie and lingering there for a bit while they make out. Her own bra comes adrift in the action, revealing a nice pair of big, soft boobs that are perfect for Selma to learn on. I have seen Penny Pax surrounding too many cocks to believe her a s a lesbian, but she puts on a good show of teaching Selma to eat pussy, and this is slow, languid, sexy scene that builds, unhurried, to a couple of decent climaxes.

  For the most part, this is a sweet, playful movie. If it doesn’t ring completely true, at least it rarely rings false. Only in the third scene do we wince a little, and at least once the sex gets going we can mostly forget where it went awry. There is a little something for everyone here (assuming you don’t want dick in your porn) skinny girls, busty girls, white girls, brown girls and if what you want to see is girls making out, you’re in for a treat.

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I Kissed a Girl and I Liked it 2


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