Time Machine Tuesday: Aiden Starr Shows Jessie Andrews How

One thing that really gets in the way in the porn industry is the common sense of taking every job you’re offered.

Even for the most popular stars, the pay rate isn’t so astronomical that you’d readily turn down a job. Not only that, but the extent to which your agent will argue your being right for a part begins and ends with your availability, whether the production will pay your rate, whether you actually perform the required services or not (anal? boy/girl? blowbangs?), and if your intended partner is on your “No List.”

Beyond that, your agent is never going to say, “Well, we’re focusing on ingenue roles right now…”

Thus we can find great performers who may really sink their teeth into other roles, may actually win international acclaim and AVN awards for them, or may be more comfortable humiliating men in a dungeon doing several dozen formulaic porn movies for every soul-feeding artistic triumph.

That was on my mind as I drove up a long road in Ventura County to a rental McMansion for the movie “Show Her How,” in which MILF Aiden Starr breaks in virginal [babysitter?] Jessie Andrews.

It was one of those MILF tutelage movies.

Starr, I knew, was way more at home beating men into submission and sitting on their faces. Andrews had just won all sorts of awards for the ambitious “Portrait of A Call Girl.” Yet here they were, saying things like “Let me help you off with that backpack.”

But is “Show Her How” a bad movie? Hells no. It does exactly what it is supposed to.

Andre Madness has been directing for years and has his share of arty, non-canonical porn fare but must also churn out a certain number of movies a month that feed the beast. It is a skill to do these within budget, on time, and containing just those pairings and positions that certain consumers want for three to seven minutes at a time.

We’d get all gouty if we ate steak every day. Movies like “Show Her How” are like sustaining and not-unpleasant turkey sandwiches. Turkey Sandwiches of Pornography.

My favorite parts of visiting this set were watching Starr’s and Andrews’s photo session, in which the 4’11” Starr needed to stand on a box to reach her co-star, and chatting with Andrews about her burgeoning DJ career (she said that “it’s not just about plugging in an iPod”).

A movie like this is good for me, too, because the director doesn’t feel the need to sit me in a corner and earnestly describe his vision using his hands. Instead Madness said, “Aiden plays the mature woman and Jessie’s got some nice cutoffs.”

Later in the day I wanted to talk with Andrews about big roles like “Portrait Of A Call Girl,” where it wasn’t all about the pornography, and something like this, where her sex scene with Starr would be just one of five unrelated girl/girl pairings.

“Does that ever get you down?” I would have asked, “When you might want to point to a movie where your acting chops are on full display but something like ‘Cum-Caked Teens 82’ takes up the first several pages of Google searches?” (I had to make sure “Cum-Caked Teens 82” wasn’t an actual movie.)

“I don’t like doing interviews,” she said instead, while texting, not looking up. “People get my words wrong.”


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