Time Machine Tuesday: When Kayden Kross Graduated [with Charley Chase]

It was just before Thanksgiving in 2009, and change and Charley Chase‘s legs were in the air.

Kayden Kross was finishing “Kayden’s College Tails” as the final movie of her contract with Adam & Eve before moving to Digital Playground.

Readers, if we’d only known then what we know now, I doubt anything would be different.

For example, that was the day I met Kentucky’s own Charley Chase. As she stepped naked, barefoot (in most cases when you say “naked,” it’s obvious that “barefoot” is part of that. But in porn, “naked” usually includes high heels), and juicy into a makeup chair at the back of a warehouse-turned porn studio on Sherman Way in Van Nuys, the sun falling on her curves, I thought: “Get her julep recipe.”

Chase then and now has an air of dirty but sweet accessibility, which is just my porn type.

Chase was working today with Rocco Reed who, even before he became a Crossfit disciple, was one of the handsomest guys in porn. Mediterranean and boyish with exceptionally white teeth (though not at Marco Banderas’s dental wattage), Reed was also charming and a genuinely nice guy.

It was a sad day for women when, in 2012, Reed became an exclusively male/male performer. Later he left the porn biz altogether. I’ll mention that it is a staple thought of performers with esteem issues that we who don’t work in front of the camera but otherwise make our livings from porn are all jealous of them. Not true. We respect the hard work involved in having sex under hot lights, maintaining the porn-standard wardrobe, and submitting to needle-y STI tests every couple of weeks. If the performers are nice to be around, we are happy that they get to make out with hot talent before the sex happens. But Man: being a porn star and keeping your head on straight is a tough job, and I have nothing but admiration for people who can do it well.

That is why it is always a treat to run across Kayden Kross. Kross, who holds the record for most porn company contracts (she was also a Vivid girl and signed for Hustler at conventions), has a warmth for fans and colleagues similar to that of Nina Hartley; when Kross talks to you, she is not constantly looking over your shoulder to see if someone cooler has walked in the room. I always liked that.

As Kross gets into her makeup chair, Chase and Reed start fucking. Soon Chase is a vibrating mess, sweat clinging to her stomach, just the way you like her. [Watch their scene here.]

A few years later, when she is with Digital Playground, Kross falls in love with Manuel Ferrara, and in 2013 they welcomed their first child, a daughter. At the end of Chase’s scene with Reed, Chase explains to the camera that she just fucked him to get back at her boyfriend.

I wondered at the time why she said that at the end rather than at the beginning, but I find I like and understand porn stars more when the cameras aren’t rolling.

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